Hillary/ Trump: Clowns Or Village Idiots?

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images                                                                  Donald Trump!


Hilary Clinton.


It is obvious to most people in the world, the ones  who are suffering deeply as they watch the American Presidential Election farce grind its boring, erratic way along the political track, that most Americans are, shall we say: Intellectually Challenged.

They take more than a year and spend enormous amounts of money trying to find a President who will lead them towards the greatness that they claim is theirs.

For example, in the recent past they elected George W Bush, a man who kept his nation laughing as he tried repeatedly to fit several words together and convey some of the deranged thoughts which filled his head.

George W Bush had an addled brain and had little idea that what came out of his mouth make little or no sense to most humans.

Next on the scene was Obama, a fast-talking black optimist. He was given a Nobel Peace Prize within minutes of becoming President and no prick of conscience ever made him give it back. No, on Thursdays (or was it Tuesdays)? he still went through the Death By Drone process. All over the world drones were launched and they exploded and people, on Obama’s say-so or on the say-so of informers, were blown into tiny pieces. The flies busied themselves with the spoils that lay under collapsed buildings but didn’t know who to thank.

Obama got bored fairly quickly and soon was busy with other things, other wars. He did what was asked of him and helped to push the line that Americans were exceptional although no one had any idea in what way Americans were exceptional. One thing was obvious: Americans loved war.

And after WW2 was finished, the Yanks had a huge army, and it was spread all over the world in strategic places. The idea of taking over the world began to fill the American mind. After all, if they controlled the world, they would never be short of the necessities of life. They would just take them off the ones who owned them!

Four years went by, and then another,  and the grinning black face with the big ears grew in popularity in some quarters.

It is now 2016 and, in November, more Presidential Elections are to be held soon. The frantic search for someone who can be Commander in Chief of the  greatest empire in the world goes on and on and, in November this year, the election will be held. Whether there will be any sane Americans left is unknown.

The two major combatants at this stage of the game are Hillary Clinton, the wife of President Clinton, and Donald Trump a self-made billionaire, both deeply flawed. A quick look at their images shown above needs no further comment.

Neither of these people should be entrusted with any power and neither should they be trusted with control over any Armed Forces.

Your feedback would be greatly appreciated.


Oct 21, 2016 at 10:25 pm

The vote will be rigged clinton wins then war. Probably syria (small nukes) first,then a spread who knows where.The west v The East.


Rob Alan
Dec 5, 2016 at 5:30 am

FIAT chaos Vs all else does continue regardless.

If I were not Offgrid with excess power to share and helping out locally with rebuilding it all, the future would look very bad.

Hope you be well D’.

Cheers all.


Apr 9, 2017 at 8:26 pm

Well i was wrong;the vote was not rigged,Trump won,however i was right on Syria (small nukes on the way)The West v the East next cab on the way.Trump fooled us all he is a warmonger just like the evil Killary.
We are one step away from an nightmare,the American intent is to hit Iran and Russia,Syria is simply the stepping block.It leads us back to that oil pipeline needed for the EU.A war makes America happy and the EU think they will get a pipeline.
Not going to happen so buckle up folks the loonies are running the asylum.


Apr 17, 2017 at 5:53 pm

The Pentagon is looking at Pakistan,so now we have syria NK, Iran,and the outlier Pakistan.
The MOAB was close to the paki’s,so they will fold their tent and leave the ring.




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