A Chaotic, Blundering World Peopled By Morons!

Emergencies Ministry member walks at a site of a Malaysia Airlines Boeing 777 plane crash near the settlement of Grabovo in the Donetsk regionBlowing up a plane flying at high altitude ensures the death of all the passengers.

The latest technology_2974202bThe Jews have the latest military technology supplied by the Yanks.

p.txtDropping from the sky or getting in the road of a Jewish missile, the result is the same.


It’s several weeks since I have posted an article because I have been caught up in moving to another house which is not a pleasant experience. If you’ve done it I’m sure you’ll agree.

When I started the process, the Malaysian plane had just been shot down and Israel had begun butchering the Palestinians again. The Australian Government ran up the Israeli drainpipe again and was all over the downing of the plane. Abbott and Bishop were everywhere a video recorder was to be found or a major capitalist world leader dared to tread.

I didn’t get much of this news for a number of days only snippets. My time without T.V. was blessed. Bishop is going to ‘bring them home’ (she refers of course to people that have been blown up by a missile at high altitude or who fell from the stricken plane or were still in the plane when it hit the ground). The bits and pieces of passengers will be very comforted by her presence I’m sure!

It appears that a truce of twelve hour duration has been put in place by the Jews and Hamas. Just enough time for the Jews to rearm with the help of the imperial U.S. and more bodies of children and civilians to be discovered in Gaza. Please examine the following table.

Human Rights NGOs Combatants
B’Tselem[1] Palestinian Centre for Human Rights[2][3] Israeli Defense Forces[4] Palestinian Ministry of Health, Gaza[5]
Palestinian TOTAL 1391* 1417 1166 1440
Palestinian combatants 352 236 709**
Palestinian non-combatants 759 926 295
Women (non-combatants) 108 116 49 114
Minors/Children (non-combatants) 318 313 89 431
Police officers 248*** 255****
Israeli TOTAL 13 13
Israeli combatants 10***** 10*****
Israeli non-combatants 3 3

As you can see from the figures quoted by Wiki,  there is a huge discrepancy between the foes with the Palestinians being slaughtered including large numbers of women and kids, (Jews don’t discriminate).

The world has been watching their brutal war crimes for decades yet still does nothing and America is to blame. And the fight between anti-capitalist forces and the armies of the infinitely greedy also continues.

When will humans ever learn?

P.S. There is a rumor around that the downing of the plane was carried out to take the heat off the Jews when they attacked Gaza. Serial killers have no conscience!


Tony “Bottfly” Abbott: Keep Him At A Safe Distance!


BfIK-EWCIAA0zUgBefore the Election he was all promises!


Tony PhoneyAfter the election he broke most of them!


human-bot-fly-3rd-instar-BussThe “Bottfly” eggs, spread by mosquitoes, hatch and the larva (shown above) enters the human body and feed upon human flesh (much like politicians everywhere)!

Tony Abbott, who is going overseas shortly to sell his wares and big-note himself, is taking a large business delegation with him.

Hopefully he won’t be carrying any “Bott” eggs.


German Philosopher Identifies The Problem!


Ah, Friedrich!   You have put your finger on it! Humans are the root cause of all Earthly calamity.

The existence of nukes guarantees our demise. It’s just a matter of time, perhaps only a matter of weeks, and our Earth shall become a replica of the Moon.

Twin-Moons, lifeless and meaningless, each one containing evidence of a deranged creature with two-legs and no intelligence!




The World Is Collapsing Around Us. Insanity Prevails!

nieto-pirineos-knives12In a suburban or city setting, a stabbing or striking weapon has many advantages.

We must fight for our freedom or become slaves!



As an ex-blogger, I am confused and frightened by the happenings in our world over the last year or so. Things go from bad to worse and America daily becomes more satanic, more depraved, and more immoral.

To America, nothing is as important as achieving world domination and it is prepared to take incredible chances to make it so. Other nations, realizing the deep, festering sickness that infects the U.S.of A, are forming alliances and secret deals. When Jack the Ripper is around, you grab a gun and lock your doors and windows.

Russia and China, wisely, are discussing ways to thwart the U.S., ways to turn its imperialism against it, ways to expose how dangerous a world controlled by America would be. Only silly, immature countries like Australia and Briton cling to the infantile notion that the U.S. will save us, will be our saviour. Get into a lion’s cage if you want to know what the U.S. is capable of.

Yeah, the oligarchs in America would put white babies in a non-stick frying pan if they were short of fat, melt them down, and they would sacrifice most of their population if it meant they gained control of the world and its resources. The Americans can conceive of no price  that is too high to pay in their quest for world domination.

So, Dear Friends, we have a nation of psychopaths who, for more than 300 years, have been constantly on the warpath. For them, killing is what humans do best and they love the horrors of war and the screams of the dying. The sounds of children being raped and tortured are like a heavenly choir to their ears.

And as soon as Terminator-Tony gains more power and influence and a bigger military, he will join with the Black Death Gang and the nations in Europe who have never set aside the plundering and destroying routines of the Middle Ages!

Can we get rid of the Evil Empire and the Barbarians who run it? Of course we can. They are only few and we are many. If we don’t get rid of them, our world will soon be uninhabitable.

Save our world from the American Marauders before they leave us nothing but a pile of rotting atomic garbage.




The World Becomes Ever More Fraught!



Since my malady was discovered, I’ve spent less time on the Internet. But it seems to me that the seriousness of the problems facing the world have multiplied.

Nowhere is peace talked about. All the talk is about when WW3 will start and who will start it. That WW3 will be nuclear seems to be accepted.

The fact that it will be devastating and render our world uninhabitable  doesn’t seem to matter. It’s as though humans have an instinctive death wish and fear of their own kind!

Greed is pulling us towards destruction. It seems inevitable. We never learn from history and we simply repeat our mistakes over and over.

The U.S. is the main culprit and seems unable to help itself. Its leaders live in a fantasy world where they think they can write the ending to a nuclear holocaust. How foolish they are, how immature, how deranged.

Enjoy the few years left to us Earthlings. We are in the countdown! Perhaps the conflagration will rid the world of the most despicable humans.

We can but hope. Take care my Friends! I think of you often!

Peace and Love to all.

Across The World, Religion Confuses And Spreads False Hopes!

Woman burns incense in front of the graves of her relatives at a cemetery in the village of CopaciuThat religion is a massive fraud, there is no doubt.

Yet people embrace it, worship it, cling to it as if nothing else mattered.

Humans cannot accept their mortality preferring to believe in fairy tales

Told by men who cynically manipulate human weakness for their own benefit.

Religion divides the world, turns gullible folk into enemies, makes killing ‘the others’ appear an honorable thing.

Religion is a curse, one created by evil madmen and saints!


Seats Of Power!

Barack_Obama_meets_Combatant_Commanders_in_the_Cabinet_RoomIf you have a seat at this table you are a big-whig, a number-cruncher, a leader of the pack, a combat Commander, a General, a person that wheels and deals in killing.

Yes, your bum is exalted, people salute you, call you ‘SIR’, listen carefully to your every word, watch every twitch on you face, the narrowing of your eyes, the grinding of your teeth, the rhythms of your flatulence.

‘Kiloton’ Obama presides. He is placed centrally  at the Oval Table so that his words have maximum impact on his subjects and minions, all of whom are men, ambitious men who will let nothing get in the way of their soaring ambitions, men who will happily authorize the killing of millions of innocent people, engage in the making of personal fortunes, order swath’s of torture and assassinations without a hint of regret.

Obama’s shrewd lawyerly eyes sweep the room. Servile, veiled eyes stare back at him, some filled with admiration, some with a touch of envy or fear, some with hatred from those who still can’t understand how a coloured man could occupy the highest office in the land.

The leather seats creaked and squeaked proudly, richly polished, gleaming.  They carried their human burden with pride unaware of the horrors which humans did to each other daily, their infinite greed, their constant treachery and cruelty.

If Jesus or Gandhi came into this room what would they think, what would they say, I wonder? What if they saw into the soul of each man, saw a list of each one’s sins, the big ones, the very small.

Would they feel disgust? Would they want to leave the room quickly, get themselves into some fresh air, perhaps shower and put on clean clothes?

Or would they simply sink to their knees, cry  and be inconsolable, and wish once again they’d never been born?


How Much Longer Will Humans Survive? Do They Deserve To?

Early-man-using-fire“Fire and the Golden Sun are our friends. Tomorrow we will hunt again. Winter is coming soon bringing us sickness and death! We must work as one to survive.”



1c7a8630-05b5-11e2-a733-3a26e6a49193_syd-5f0qalvji5gc6pzqaoi--646x363“Why is my head always filled with thoughts of war and killing? Why has peace suddenly become my bitter enemy?”


Friends, you really should read these few words from my favorite writer Paul Craig Roberts. His words, always clear, perceptive and to the point, really hit home for me.

” Is the US or the World Coming to an End?”
It will be one or the other

2014 is shaping up as a year of reckoning for the United States.

With Washington out on a limb issuing threats hand over fist, Washington is pushing Europe into two highly undesirable confrontations. Europeans do not want a war with Russia over Washington’s coup in Kiev, and Europeans understand that any real sanctions on Russia, if observed, would do far more damage to Europeans. Within the EU, growing economic inequality among the countries, high unemployment, and stringent economic austerity imposed on poorer members have produced enormous strains. Europeans are in no mood to bear the brunt of a Washington-orchestrated conflict with Russia. While Washington presents Europe with war and sacrifice, Russia and China offer trade and friendship. Washington will do its best to keep European politicians bought-and-paid-for and in line with Washington’s policies, but the downside for Europe of going along with Washington is now much larger.

Across many fronts, Washington is emerging in the world’s eye as duplicitous, untrustworthy, and totally corrupt. A Securities and Exchange Commission prosecuting attorney, James Kidney used the occasion of his retirement to reveal that higher ups had squelched his prosecutions of Goldman Sachs and other “banks too big to fail,” because his SEC bosses were not focused on justice but “on getting high-paying jobs after their government service” by protecting the banks from prosecution for their illegal actions.

This audacious recklessness comes on top of Washington’s overthrow of the Ukrainian government, the NSA spying scandal, Seymour Hersh’s investigative report that the Sarin gas attack in Syria was a false flag event arranged by NATO member Turkey in order to justify a US military attack on Syria, Washington’s forcing down Bolivian President Evo Morales’ presidential plane to be searched, Saddam Hussein’s “weapons of mass destruction,” the misuse of the Libyan no-fly resolution for military attack, and on and on. Essentially, Washington has so badly damaged other countries’ confidence in the judgment and integrity of the US government that the world has lost its belief in US leadership. Washington is reduced to threats and bribes and increasingly presents as a bully.

The self-inflicted hammer blows to Washington’s credibility have taken a toll. The most serious blow of all is the dawning realization everywhere that Washington’s crackpot conspiracy theory of 9/11 is false. Large numbers of independent experts as well as more than one hundred first responders have contradicted every aspect of Washington’s absurd conspiracy theory. No aware person believes that a few Saudi Arabians, who could not fly airplanes, operating without help from any intelligence agency, outwitted the entire National Security State, not only all 16 US intelligence agencies but also all intelligence agencies of NATO and Israel as well.”

These cascading evidential excerpts seemed to fit my dark mood.The whole world, thanks to the U.S., is walking through a minefield. One misstep, one touch of hubris, one mistake and it’s all over, Red Rover!

I know all eyes are on the U.S. dollar but the bigger question is: WHERE WILL THE FIRST BOMBS FALL, THE ONES THAT HERALD WW3?

Good News! My Star Has Risen Again!


Friends, despite the dire warnings I had a few weeks ago it seems that what I had was not a warning from the grim reaper but a reaction to the withdrawal of some of the pills I had been taking for a number of years.

The Professor who doctors me suddenly decided that the the pills I’d been taking were no good and withdrew them poste haste.

Given my severe, traumatic reaction he eventually reversed his decision so now I’m back where I was and waiting to see if any other negative reactions will show themselves.

I realize that the medical profession is all too often a hit and miss profession and, this time, I was lucky to escape with my life. I went through a period where I didn’t care whether I lived or died! I have never felt so desperate! Pills can be dangerous things and their effects are not always predictable.

The bottom line is that I’m engaging again with Dangerous Creation but on a reduced schedule to preserve my sanity. I do apologize for any inconvenience that I may have caused anyone!

Love and peace to all and please get a second opinion before you believe any medic! And if you are going to cry out for help, make sure you make a lot of noise.

America Continues to Destablize Our World Not Realizing Its Fate Is Also Sealed!

nuclear-war-in-britain-28515_11Greatest nation? A laughable proposition!




Greatest Nation in the history of the world? I think not!

The most stupid nation in the history of the World?  Mmmm, getting warmer!

What about: a nation of sociopaths and barbarians which has out-performed most viruses and plagues. This has merit!

How about if we called it a nation of brutal butchers who filled the world with death and destruction and brought it nothing noble or of demonstrable value! My heart skipped a beat!

Now we are getting close to the truth. It cannot be far away. Even the blowflies are amused!

Did Americans ever have any potential for greatness?

It’s a  $60.00 question but sadly a nuclear war will intervene and wipe out all the evidence!



Views From A Conflicted World!

gods-painting-11Seek and you will find!


The Heart Of BeautySometimes you can find beauty only on your knees!


nature_s_beautyTranquility exists everywhere but it’s not always evident!


BeautyFlowers and Youth make a delicious cocktail!


nature-110A view from Thailand!



“A Man Who Tries To Change The World

Has Little Time To Appreciate Its Beauty!”