Australia Is Ungoverned!

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Friends, I am sorry to bring you this news but the truth must out. Circumstance over the last few years have reduced this once fine, highly regarded country to what is little more than a collection of sports fanatics, mediocre rabble, and pseudo-Americans.

It began with the election of Kevin Rudd who promised much but delivered little. He was quickly deposed by Julia Gillard in the Night of the Long Knives. She, a woman who had great ambition but who possessed few abilities to help her to carry them out, eventually lost the Prime Ministership and, after lots of winking and nudging, Kevin Rudd was returned.

At the following election, Tony Abbott, leader of the Loyal Opposition whose main forte was saying ‘No” and speaking in cliches, won the election by promising to change little and chart a new course then proceeded to prove to everyone that he was an ignorant dolt and liar without even a tiny shred of leadership potential, integrity, or awareness of what being a Prime Minister involved.

With his simian gait and his total lack of leadership and intelligence, Tony quickly became a world laughing stock, one deeply loved by comedians here and abroad. Australia, once expert at sport and exporting minerals, is now struggling with massive debt and declining income and a dingaling as its leader.

Abbott brings in thoughtless, infantile thought bubbles almost daily but can’t get them to work. Controlled by conservative forces and Corporations, he seeks ways to punish those on welfare and low wages while he does nothing to get rid of the myriad rorts beloved by the rich which enable them to pay little or no tax.

Australia at this point in time is a basket case. The Opposition is lackluster and leaderless while the Government is a world-beater at mediocrity. Citizens in Australia don’t know whether to laugh or cry or commit suicide.

Australia mimics the world’s most dangerous hegemon, America, and can’t wait to get involved in more of America’s imperial wars. Australia is flooded with American television which is designed to entertain drug-addicted people with a mental age of 2.

Australia is a prime takeover target for America. In fact, I would say Australia has already been taken over by the American Killer Nation if the truth is known.

Without leadership and a farcical Opposition, Australia floats aimlessly in the Southern Seas, without direction.

Given our location in Asia,  this is a dangerous position to be in. Perhaps Russia or China could help us to get rid of the American influence from our shores, help  us to stand tall again as “AUSTRALIANS.”

Or perhaps you’d prefer being seen as a servile apologist for America and as a sycophantic enabler of brutal, insatiable American Imperialism.





What To Do When Nuclear War Starts!

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The White House.



I suppose, many folk would start praying. They would ask, beg, cajole, their mythical “GOD” to intervene. They would soon fall silent.

In the center of world Christianity, the Americans, whose blood-lust is clearly inexhaustible, would strut about shouting, “We’re exceptional. You can’t kill us! We have the technology. We are supreme. We’re invincible! We were born to take over the world, lead it to glory.”

Photos showing the ruins of Washington and New York and San Fransisco would be banned. NO NUKES HIT THE USA the daily headlines would shout. Our anti-missile missiles provide a perfect cover. All hail our brilliant scientists and our glorious Corporations!

The piles of burned, stinking American bodies would exceed the height of power poles but no admission of American casualties or destruction of vital infrastructure would be made as the struggle for world domination initiated by America continued.



Across the world occasional nukes would continue to fall, fired by handfuls of people on both sides who somehow escaped the radio-activity by going underground. The night sky would reflect the fire and flames of countless fires that would consume then level many of the ugly achievements of mankind.

The moon would be blood-red and far away as the continuous massive explosions pushed the Earth into a new trajectory, one no longer warmed by the sun.

The temperature dropped to well below zero each night and the sun’s feeble warmth encouraged no plants to grow or animals to breed. Terrible winds tore at buildings, those that had survived. The blasts sent colored lights to distant galaxies, lights that warned away intruders should any exist.

In caves, survivors would cling to each other for warmth and should a woman reluctantly open her legs, her radiated egg and his deformed sperm would collide and, if food could be found, yield a monster of scaly, reptilian cast.

What to do in a nuclear war?

Curse America then commit suicide of course!


Nuclear Holocaust_0




Easter And Religious Fantasy Re-unite Again.

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“Happy Easter! I’m no killer animal. I’m just a

widdle American rabbit!”



The most Christian nation in the world, the U.S., which also happens to be the most brutal and greedy nation on Earth, is caught up in the con that is Easter.

Yes, the nation that has killed more people than any other nation in world history, will go dotty over the Easter Break. They will heartily endorse the Christian message: that Thou shall not kill, and Thou shall love thy neighbor as thyself, and Thou shall not covet thy neighbour’s lands, women,  and resources.

While they are furiously endorsing their beliefs and praying with eyes closed, their Armies and those of their supporters, are spread all over the world and they are killing, bombing, droning, destroying, raping, torturing, etc, right across the world like there is no tomorrow.

The difference between what Christians say they believe and what they do is profound and gets worse by the day. Over Easter, Churches will be filled with believers and they will listen to their Holy Men (and some women) and feel good that God is on their side even though there is no proof that any God exists lets alone backs one group of humans over another! And over Easter, some Clerics will sexually molest some of the Children in their care, a betrayal of the most sinister, hideous kind.

And, of course, as any informed person knows, the U.S. is desperately trying to push Russia into a World War involving nukes, one that will also eventually involve China.

The U.S., that nation of exceptional people, actually thinks it can beat the combined might of Russia and China which demonstrates just how stupid the Christian Yanks really are. The actions of the Americans will result our in our world becoming a wasteland and humans becoming extinct. It seems to be a poor result for the nation which claims it is the greatest Nation in the History of the World!

Of course, Christians believe that, eventually, their non-existent God is going to take them up to Heaven without dying said to be the Rapture. Then some people would believe anything!

So Friends, I trust you will use the Easter break as a holiday that will refresh you enough to continue with the battle that life is.

In my mind, the nonsense that religion promotes that we will live forever is the greatest horror that I can imagine.

Once is more than enough for me!


Is Chris Hedges A Seer?

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Pompeii was a natural catastrophe.

Nuclear war will be a billion times worse.

“The ethic peddled by capitalist and imperialist elites, the cult of the self, the banishing of empathy, the belief that violence can be used to make the world conform, require the destruction of the communal and the destruction of the sacred. This corrupt ethic, if not broken, will mean the end of not only human society but the human species. The elites who orchestrate this pillage, like elites who pillaged parts of the globe in the past, probably believe they can outrun their own destructiveness.

They think that their wealth, privilege and gated communities will save them. Or maybe they do not think about the future at all. But the death march they have begun, the relentless contamination of air, soil and water, the physical collapse of communities and the eventual exhaustion of coal and fossil fuels themselves will not spare them or their families, although they may be able to hold out a little longer in their privileged enclaves than the rest of us.

They too will succumb to the poisoning of the natural elements, the climate dislocations and freakish weather caused by global warming, the spread of new deadly viruses, the food riots and huge migrations that have begun as the desperate flee from flooded or drought-stricken pockets of the Earth.”

Friends, these strong, frightening, prophetic words from Chris give stark warning of where our Capitalist world is headed. They come from an article on ICH today.




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Please Help Us!

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A recent photograph of Tony ‘Napoleon’ Abbott!



Film Title: Land of the Lost

“These are members of my hand-picked Cabinet!”


This is a message to the world. Please help us!

I, and millions of other Australians, are caught in a country that is being run by a raving ratbag and a clueless rapscallion!

How do I know? Everyday I see him on the television and wonder what images will fill his tiny, demented mind. He is a man who power has corrupted, completely. Why this very weekend he is in New Zealand plotting with its Prime Minister to increase Australian participation in the war in Iraq!

You might well ask what Australia and New Zealand have to do with Iraq, a country on  the other side of the world to us. The answer is nothing but who’s asking?

When Tony meets with his local counterpart, perhaps they will discuss whether or not to invade Russia! I mean, why stop at Iraq? Let’s think big. The simultaneous surprise would leave them bewildered!

Thinking outside the box, Australia could attack Russia and New Zealand could attack China, opening war on two fronts! Everyone knows that each Yank, Australian and New Zealander is worth a squillion Russians and Chinese. Led by Tony, Australia could put to shame the successes of the Mongol Hordes which conquered most of Europe!

Tony has a brilliant mind (for a human suppository!). In the boxing ring he was known as Slugger Abbott who kept punching even when he’d been knocked unconscious!

So, if you happen to read this post, do what you can before Tony invades the known world and puts all anti-capitalists and socialists to the sword!





Nuclear Winter: Soon To Be Brought To You By The U.S.

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View A!



View B!


Did you know that America is trying to get Russia to engage in a nuclear war?

The leadership of the U.S. is clearly deranged. It must no longer be taken seriously.

The survival of Earth hangs in the balance.

Clearly America must be nuked if humans are to survive.

There is no other solution!

Kiss your children each night!




Will Tony Be Given His Marching Orders?

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Two  luminaries of the Liberal Party and one complete flop!

Which is which?




One of these men is a complete dolt while the other

has immense capabilities and intellect!

Can you spot the pretender?





Given the poor, some might say piss-poor, performance of our goofy Prime Minster (who was not elected by the voters to be P.M., who only got hold of the high office by one vote, and who has a very poor approval rating and has done so ever since he got the job), there exists a slight chance to get rid of him forever.

This chance will take place next Tuesday assuming that Tony and his lacklustre, brain-dead supporters don ‘t cook the meeting and avoid a spill. The scheduled meeting would seem to be Australia’s only chance of getting rid of the bat-eared clown who is making our country the laughing stock of the world.

While Tony protests vehemently and tries to make excuses for his litany of blunders and never-ending mistakes, those crawlers who he has appointed to ministerial or senior positions try to keep a straight-face as they heap undeserved accolades upon Tony’s weirdly shaped head and never but never mention his simian gait! Grunt, grunt!

Bishop waits in the wings with a butcher’s knife swearing fealty to Tony as if her life depends on doing so (which it probably does, her political life anyway).

The MSM write endless stories few of which are based in fact and we await Tuesday with a combination of fear plus a tremulous, tiny vestige of hope while the forces of greed plan and manipulate non-stop.

If you read this post and you care about your country, please contact your local Liberal member and beg, beseech, plead, sell your body if you have to to get the one-man plague called Tony Abbott away from the Prime Ministership before Australia becomes known as the land peopled by intellectual buffoons, money-grubbers and spineless jellyfish.

It’s crunch time, Folks!



Abbott, as cunning as a fox, has rescheduled the  Tuesday spill meeting for Monday morning at 9 am, obviously trying to stifle the discussion that would’ve taken place on Monday between the malcontents in-case it might have got out of hand.

Whether his sly, Machiavellian manipulation of the entire Liberal Party to ensure he stays Prime Minister is unknown. There is not long to wait.

The future of my Country hangs in the balance!


Tony survived though 40% of his Party voted him down. He is a dead-man walking!




Let’s Start Another French Revolution!

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I wonder if the French are ready to conduct another Revolution, a world-wide Revolution which every nation in our warring, fractured world must engage in!

Of course, the U.S. (the United Stupids) won’t join in. They are too busy trying to gain control of the world using their over-rated military and their sick economy.

And Israel won’t join in because it thinks that only Jews should have control of all the levers.  Benny sees himself as a reincarnation of Jesus, one dressed as an ISIS commando.

Europe won’t join in because it has irons in so many fires that it no longer knows if it is Arthur or Martha.

And China and Russia won’t sign up because they know that the Yanks will start WW3 soon even though they have no chance of defeating a world where Russia and China stand together!

Even France may not be willing to lead again. They are too busy claiming to be Charlie!

My prediction is that India will be the eventual winner of the New Revolution. It will pick up the pieces, purge what is left of the world, and peace will reign for a hundred years.

Then Earth will be hit by an Asteroid and all life will cease until the next sub-human monsters appear!




The World’s Biggest Terrorist Nation Declares War On Terrorism!

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The United States, a nation which clearly has been at war with countless other nations since its inception, has recently made a grand declaration of WAR.

It’s foes, which for over three hundred years have been many and varied, began with Britain and France. But, since then, it has diversified magnificently. It works on a simple notion: any nation which threatens its interests in any way is its enemy and deserves to be attacked, decimated, occupied and pillaged!

Now, nations which threaten its interests come and go. Take Iraq for instance! It was once a prosperous country with a lot of oil but that was before it got WMDs at least according to American Intelligence.

Now the existence of American Intelligence is rather like a will of the wisp. It comes and goes with great infrequency and little veracity.

The enemies of the U.S. fall into two camps. There are its sworn enemies like communist Russia and China and let us not forget Korea, Vietnam.

Then there are its friendly enemies like Australia and Britain and Japan and Germany who are allowed to compete with U.S. interests as long as the U.S. maintains supremacy via various trade deals which heavily favor the U.S., and defense agreements which favor the U.S..

And nations, if they want to befriend the U.S., have to open up their harbors, air fields and spy installations to the Yanks. The Yanks have taken the thinking behind The Merchant of Venice to a whole new level.

So don’t be alarmed by the American Declaration. Nothing has changed. America is still running around the world killing and pillaging as it has always done. And it knows it can’t beat people called ‘TERRORISTS” because such people are protecting their own people and sovereignty and resources by all means.






How To Handle A Nation Of Psychopaths!

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This is the most serious question facing the whole world in 2015.

The nation I refer to of course is called the United States of America. Its population appears to be in various debilitating psychological states which range from complete derangement (we are exceptional people who should rule the world) to lingering psychosis (extreme fear of people who are different to Americans and a sick motivation to kill them).

Given that the United States of America is engaged in brutal militant imperialism which involves trying to gain dominion over the rest of the world to better serve its own selfish interests, how can the rest of the world change the behavior and thinking of the American people, redirect it towards peace and sharing?

One answer would be to pressure the U.S. through the U.N. to make the study of psychology mandatory for every citizen of the U.S. If Americans could be introduced to elementary psychology, then they might become better able to think, to reject the extreme programming they’ve had, to spot the lies that their Government tells, and to organize themselves to better control their greedy,  power-mad politicians, oligarchs, corporations and MSM.

Do you think that psychology is just for students, academics, and therapists? Then think again. Because psychology is both an applied and a theoretical subject, it can be utilized in a number of ways. While research studies aren’t exactly light reading material for the average person, the results of these experiments and studies can have important applications in daily life. The following are some of the practical uses for psychology in everyday life.

1. Make Sure You Are Motivated.

Whether your goal is to quit smoking, lose weight, or learn a new thinking skill or change a destructive attitude, some lessons from psychology offer tips for getting motivated. In order to increase your motivational levels when approaching a task, utilize some of the following tips derived from research in cognitive and educational psychology.

    • Introduce new or novel elements to keep your interest high
    • Vary the sequence to help stave off boredom
    • Learn new things that build on your existing knowledge
    • Set clear goals that are directly related to the task
    • Reward yourself for a job well done

2. Improve Your Leadership Skills

It doesn’t matter if you’re an office manager or a volunteer at a local youth group, having good leadership skills will probably be essential at some point in your life. Not everyone is a born leader, but a few simple tips gleaned from psychological research can help your improve your leadership skills.

One of the most famous studies on this topic looked at three distinct leadership styles based on the findings of this study and subsequent research, practice some of the following when you are in a leadership position:

  • Offer clear guidance, but allow group members to voice opinions
  • Talk about possible solutions to problems with members of the group
  • Focus on stimulating ideas and be willing to reward creativity

3. Become a Better Communicator

Communication involves much more than how you speak or write. Research suggests that make up a huge portion of our interpersonal communications. In order to communicate your message effectively, you need to learn how to express yourself non-verbally and to read the nonverbal cues of those around you. A few key strategies include the following:

  • Use good eye contact
  • Start noticing nonverbal signals in others
  • Learn to use your voice to reinforce your message


4. Learn to Better Understand Others

Much like non-verbal communication, your ability to understand your emotions and the emotions of those around you plays an important role in your relationships and professional life. The term emotional intelligence refers to your ability to understand both your own emotions as well as those of other people. Your emotional intelligence quotient is a measure of this ability. According to psychologist Daniel Goleman, your EQ may actually be more important than your IQ (1995).

What can you do to become more emotionally intelligent? Consider some of the following strategies:

  • Carefully assess your own emotional reactions
  • Record your experience and emotions in a journal
  • Try to see situations from the perspective of another person

5. Make More Accurate Decisions

Research in cognitive psychology has provided a wealth of information about decision making. By applying these strategies to your own life, you can learn to make wiser choices. The next time you need to make a big decision, try using some of the following techniques:

  • Try using the “six thinking hats” approach by looking at the situation from multiple points of view, including rational, emotional, intuitive, creative, positive, and negative perspectives
  • Consider the potential costs and benefits of a decision
  • Employ a grid analysis technique that gives a score for how a particular decision will satisfy specific requirements you may have

6. Improve Your Memory

Have you ever wondered why you can remember exact details from childhood events yet forget the name of the new client you met yesterday? Research on how we form new memories as well as how and how we forget has led to a number of findings that can be applied directly in your daily life. What are some ways you can increase your memory power?

  • Focus on the information.
  • Rehearse what you have learned.
  • Eliminate distractions.

7. Make Wiser Financial Decisions

Nobel Prize winning psychologists Daniel Kahneman and Amos Tversky conducted a series of studies that looked at how people manage uncertainty and risk when making decisions. Subsequent research in this area known as behavior economics has yielded some key findings that you can use to make wiser money management choices. One study (2004) found that workers could more than triple their savings by utilizing some of the following strategies:

  • Don’t procrastinate. Start investing in savings now
  • Commit in advance to devote portions of your future earnings to your retirement savings
  • Try to be aware of personal biases that may lead to poor money choices

8. Get Better Grades

The next time you’re tempted to complain about pop quizzes, midterms, or final exams, consider this – research has demonstrated that taking tests actually helps you better remember what you’ve learned, even if it wasn’t covered on the test.

How can you apply these findings to your own life? When trying to learn new information, self-test frequently in order to cement what you have learned into your memory.

9. Become More Productive

Sometimes it seems like there are thousands of books, blogs, and magazine articles telling us how to get more done in a day, but how much of this advice is founded on actual research? For example, think about the number of times have you heard that multitasking can help you become more productive. In reality, research has found that trying to perform more than one task at the same time seriously impairs speed, accuracy and productivity.

So what lessons from psychology can you use to increase your productivity? Consider some of the following:

  • Avoid multi-tasking when working on complex or dangerous tasks
  • Focus on the task at hand
  • Eliminate distractions

10. Be Healthier

Psychology can also be a useful tool for improving your overall health. From ways to encourage exercise and better nutrition to new treatments for depression, the field of health psychology offers a wealth of beneficial strategies that can help you to be healthier and happier. Some examples that you can apply directly to your own life:

  • Studies have shown that both sunlight and artificial light can reduce the symptoms of seasonal affective disorder
  • Research has demonstrated that exercise can be an effective treatment for depression as well as other mental disorders
  • Studies have found that helping people understand the risks of unhealthy behaviors can lead to healthier choices


Friends, once you have gained some understanding of what psychology is and utilize some of its findings and solutions , you will be better able to apply your new-found knowledge to yourself and undo some of the contradictory and flawed programming you’ve received.

This will make you a world citizen, one better able to see the world as a whole rather than see your own country as as some exalted, exceptional nation. Your knowledge about psychology will free you from duplicitous propaganda, help you to think globally, more fairly, more intelligently.

At the end of this post is the link to an excellent source written by Kendra Cherry where the bulk of this article was found, an article which inspired my idea about how to re-educate the increasingly barbaric American people either through the U.N. or by you applying pressure on every American you know!


Happy New Year? What A Joke!

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“Happy New Year, cobber!”



Well, here we are on the brink of another New Year and yet we all know that it won’t be a Happy New Year, don’t we?

No, those who promote war don’t want a Happy New Year to occur. They want to fill the world with more hate and killing. Yes, the folk in the Pentagon and the Congress and the British and Australian Parliaments, and NATO, etc, they clamor for more war!

But why? We all know the reason for that as well. Because war makes money. War is a way to gain strategic advantage over others, to get access to the resources belonging to others, to gain control over the nations of the world.

And people the world over are consumed by greed. Yeah, they are programmed to consume, get a bigger house, a luxury car, a motor yacht, a Castle in Spain. If you have wealth, then you must flaunt it, let people know how clever you are, how successful.

And if you are one of the 95% of humans for whom life is a struggle, then stay out of sight, move to the cheaper suburbs or sleep under a bridge or rubbish container or in an abandoned car.

Yet, tonight, people the world over will celebrate and wish each other HAPPY NEW YEAR.

How can you be happy when so few people have all the wealth and the capitalist system ensures that things stay that way? How can people be happy with endless wars engaged in by the imperialists and crooked politicians and oligarchs?

How can people live HAPPILY with torture or putting people in cages or with knowledge about drones or the use of phosphorous munitions or cluster bombs and landmines or depleted uranium?

We have to get rid of the psychopaths and the oligarchs and the Corporations and the Warmongers.

We have to change the rules of the game completely and make peace and equality our objective rather than never-ending war. We have to replace hate with love, competition with cooperation, greed with sharing.

Then, perhaps, to wish everyone a Happy New Year might have some meaning.

Currently it means nothing!







The U.S. Brings Cheer To Xmas! No! No! No!

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“Yeehahhhh! We exceptional Yanks are coming to brighten your Xmas!!!!!!”


The Xmas message coming out of the White House and the Congress is clear. And it’s not Ho, Ho, Ho!

No, endless war will continue to be sacred mission of the U.S. (Ho, Ho, Ho) as it has been since white invaders and Christian zealots from Europe first reached the America continent and began massacring the Indigenous Natives and the bison.

Ever since, the blood of the innocent has flowed freely both in America and right across the world as it instituted slavery, fought a Civil War, fought the British and the French, then, in warships, ventured out on the oceans of the world and used rifles and swords to gain land and resources from the poorer nations of the world.

U.S. greed is infinite and no amount of plundering and killing has ever appeased the Yanks. Even at the end of WW2 when the world was exhausted and on its knees, the U.S. during this time suddenly realized that they were the most powerful nation in the world and, thinking themselves exceptional and superior (though fearing Russia), set about building a war machine that no other nation could match.

They dropped atom bombs on Japan to show to the world how mighty they were and to give fair warning to all other nations not to try to compete with them or against them. Russia went broke trying!

A lost of Xmases have gone by and, steadily, the Yanks put their imperial plans into action. They saw themselves as the rightful rulers of the world, a modern day Rome in fact. Yanks never sell themselves short when it comes to thinking big. In fact, no other group of humans can match them when it comes to self-love, self-righteousness, and unmitigated conceit.

So Korea became a battleground quickly followed by Vietnam. In the tropical paradise, the world saw what America was capable of. They killed civilians, poisoned trees, carried out massacres of women and children, bombed adjoining nations, used napalm and torture AND, EVENTUALLY, WERE CONVINCINGLY BEATEN by the resourceful natives!

Regardless, wherever there was trouble in the world, the Yanks turned up. They killed dictators or they supported them, whatever best suited their interests. They funded militias and bombed others. The dictator in Egypt was smiled upon while the dictator in Iraq was driven from power and his oil-rich country was occupied. He, like a wild animal, was caught in a drain and hung, another lesson  for those who might consider opposing America’s attempt to gain dominion over the world.

The U.S. began to use sanctions as well as bombs. Half a million Iraqi kids died from starvation. Currently Russia is feeling the wrath of America because Putin won’t do as he is told. There is talk of a possible nuclear war and China, another American target, is backing Russia because it knows that it is next on the American War List.

America is trying to pull the EU into its plans for a war against Russia and China even though it is obvious that a nuclear war will destroy our Earth. Such an outcome doesn’t worry the Yanks because they think they can walk on water and fly with eagles.

The vision of the U.S.A. as a smoking ruin doesn’t seem to compute with them. They are deranged and have lost all capacity to reason logically. The recent neutralizing of one of their warships by a Russian fighter jet is brushed aside, ignored. They see only what they want to see!
So, as Xmas Day approaches, most people in the world feel fear, real fear.

And all the U.S. can do is to say NO, NO, NO: 

to peace,

to democratic principles,

to abiding by International Conventions,

to truces,

to the ICC,

to nuclear disarmament,

to Government by all the World’s Nations having equal votes, to honesty, equality and sharing,

to giving everyone on Earth a fair go,

to stopping the wealthy 10% from have most of the world’s wealth,

to  stopping torture, etc, etc..


MerryXmas“Which nation stuffed up my Xmas message?”





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