Abbott Goes To Davos! A Pawn Among The Sharks!

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601364-tony-abbott“I’m Tony. That’s me winning a race in my red briefs.”



boxerimages“And I can fight too, punch out yer lights, quick as a wink!”



Well, Friends, I caught a quick image of our illustrious P.M. boarding his plane for Davos in Switzerland. He was walking like an orangutan which does suggest  he projects rare moments of honesty.

Funded by its 1,000 member companies whose balance sheets run into the billions, the 40th World Economic Forum is a meeting of 2,500 carefully selected minds with lots of money. The political leaders from the G20 and beyond are also in attendance and it becomes a heady mix of people who matter and make decisions that affect billions of us proles who don’t count.

For five days, the creme de la creme of the planet will enjoy speeches, dinners, drinks, intimate chats and perhaps the chance of doing a deal while bragging about their wealth and importance.

Then, into this exalted gathering wanders Abbott. What exactly does the bike rider, marathon runner, surf club aficionado and member of the Bushfire Brigade say to all these heavyweights who, between them, own most of the world and run it to suit themselves. As soon as he opens his mouth, Tony shows who and what he is.

When he sits down at the table, how will Abbott know which knives and forks to use? Will he try to impress the other guests with a rundown on how he is going to slash and burn the poor people in Australia when Parliament resumes.

“Good show, Abbass,” Sir Humphrey Ponce will say in a pained voice, “Keep them in their place, I say. Don’t want them getting above their station, eh,” and then change the subject to something important like the International Monetary Fund or the World Bank or Wall Street.

I can imagine some of the billionaires in Tony’s vicinity pushing at their memory, trying to recall where Australia is and what importance it has. They might also wonder if Abbott is a retarded son or love child of Rupert, the scallywag of Murdoch fame who became an American in order to better himself (surely a huge miscalculation).

Yes, Abbott will be like a leper in rags suddenly appearing at the Vatican in the middle of High Mass. He will be tolerated by the important people should they happen across him then he will be immediately forgotten.

Never has Australia been so poorly represented. I almost feel sorry for Tony. He is clearly out of his class. Malcolm should have been sent in his place.

At least Malcolm can play the toffee-nose part and he is a multimillionaire with business experience and some charisma at least!

Poor fella, my country!



Your feedback would be greatly appreciated.


Rob Alan
Jan 21, 2014 at 11:43 am

Given a poly’s job is to do as they are told, I’d call Tony’s performance thus far outstanding Dennis. It’s been that way in Oz since Keating gave us one of two choices. The debt we had to have economy or end up like the ME, which all became a little too obvious come Howard’s era of ME war enthusiasm,, and on when Rudd was quick to tell us we were bombing civilians in Libya to protect civilians. The IMF were in quick with that five billion USD loan ‘eh folks?

It is the sheer bullocks of recent twenty years grates the most. Greed is not good, nuclear is not safe, dilution is not the solution to pollution, ever expanding population is a problem, the poor are getting poorer, it is not a secret.

A world running on so much denial can’t end well but then our political franchise members don’t consider outcomes nor consequences till left with no other option do they? We know all that, so how is it we still expect anything difference, en mass anyways?

It is the system that made it possible for a plank like Tony to get the job in first place. Solution side I see no other way out than to get local, take responsibility for basic needs ourselves. Clean air, clean water, clean food, sustainable power grid, safe for kids, fun for kids, leaning for kids, nature and a future for the kids.

Have a good day if yah can all.


Dennis M. Reply:

Yeah, turning to self-sufficient local communities is not a bad solution, Rob. When the capitalist system implodes it will at least provide some means of growing food and making a pair of shoes.

It’s scary to look into the crystal ball and imagine what is coming with people fighting each other to the death for clean water and a scrap of bread.


Rob Alan Reply:

I find solar a good example of plebe power taking a little load off the debt industry possessed corporate grids. One example might be,

‘Given the heatwave that has struck the southern states of Australia and the stress it has put on the electricity network, it might be worth pondering what might have happened if the country did not have the 3,000MW of solar PV strung out across more than a million rooftops.’

Careful though, speaking for my own experiences in life. Collaboration can be contagious, as are the consequences through working together, sharing the load.

Too easy.



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