Gaza: The Land Of The Lost!

Posted by Dennis M. on Jul 31, 2016 in Posts Views:8757;|

It seems unbelievable I know but in case you didn’t know, Gaza is still under the boot-heel of Israel (also known as Zion).

Yes, like baby excrement on a blanket, once Zionists get established they are hard to dislodge! And like germs or cancer, they tend to multiply and spread and eventually destroy the host.



The Goliath Spider, like Zionists, is without conscience or morals.


Yes, the weight of public opinion or International Law does not worry Zionists. They just get on with their mission which is to get rid of Arabs and other such godless creatures and turn the Middle East into a haven for Jews.

In this criminal endeavor, the Jews have the support of the U.S. and wealthy Jews from around the world. The IDF is armed to the teeth by the States which, on occasion, has been known to preach the virtues of democracy but not it seems for the people of Gaza.



Here are a few Gazan kids who have felt the hard love of the Zionists.


I wonder if the Zionists will ever relent and repent their brutality. There are no signs of their humanity but plenty of evidence of their continuing barbarity!


Your feedback would be greatly appreciated.


charlie browne
Jul 31, 2016 at 8:05 pm

Where have you been? Haven’t heard from you for a while. Hope all is well


Dennis M. Reply:

Yeah, Charlie, I’ve had a few health problems but they seem to be largely contained at this point in time.

Getting back to blogging again will give me a big lift, I’m sure.

Hope to chat with you in the near future!





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