Secretly, Israel Loves Palestinian Children!

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This photograph shows an IDF soldier expressing his love for a young Palestinian boy by giving him a warm hug!

Look, I know there is a gun there, a very nasty looking gun, and I can see the boy’s arm is in plaster, and I can see that the boy is looking rather perplexed ( perhaps we should say ‘rather worried’), but, if you forget all the stories you’ve ever read about the frequent massacres of Palestinians carried out by Israel especially those in Gaza, you might be able to see this image in a new light!

Of course, you might have to put aside stories of Israeli snipers shooting Palestinians kids in the head while they play or the taking of young Palestinians in the middle of the night to give them a bit of ‘rough and tumble’ while they are questioned about stone-throwing, etc,.

Or the stories about Palestinian houses being demolished by Armour-clad Israeli bulldozers or the starving of the captive Palestinians and the denial of medical aid to them, etc,.

Just put all of that out of your mind and try to look beyond what the image is telling you. Instead imagine a hope-tinged, happy picture where, universally, love and understanding and generosity thrives.

What, you just can’t do it?

Neither can I!



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Rob Alan
Sep 11, 2015 at 11:00 am

Isn’t all M.I.C. investor state patriotism all about creating opportunities for it’s govt. Of go forth and multiply, expand expand expand, growth regardless et all?

Of the death cult preacher Tony, has no end of fear this products for sale. The majority aren’t scared of reality, we are though scared of the reality an investor state patriot can bring upon a defenseless nation, includes our own. Just look at the in yah face fraud and lies now the norm spewing forth from canberra and it’s supporting media oligarchy.

How about we ease up on the investor state trickle down effect that explodes upon impact.

Not all soldiers think children should be held in permanent state of fear but distributing violence is their job so that pic you show Dennis, is just one of many obvious outcomes.

As Geoffrey Robinson spoke to the other night on QA. UN refugee camps are well over flowing and well under supported. Where is america on taking some responsibility for the mess they helped create in it all?

Where’s the trickle down effect for those who survive the trickle down effect that explodes upon impact we could ask? Drones operated on a like/dislike basis aren’t helping.

How do we the people get help to those who need it most fraud free?

Locally its easy. Globally? Oh my Dennis, I think some less reality retarded leadership may be in order.

So many questions not being asked will never be solved till they are asked loud enough it seems. So, we keep asking yes?


Dennis M.
Sep 19, 2015 at 12:22 pm

Yeah, we keep asking the questions but those who rule us choose not to listen. They need a prod. A pitchfork would do but a cattle prod would be better!


Oct 25, 2015 at 7:14 pm

These type of pictures make you sick to your stomach.
Answer of our government, israel has a right to defend itself.
Oh boy, against stone throwers.
And Israel will get more lethal weapons from our tax dollsrs and what do the
Palestinians get, more restrictions.
Talk about an uneven fight.
What if the Russians would send the same type of weapons to the Palestinians?
Would it bring peace or more destruction on both sides?




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