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A White Man’s Fear in a Frightened America

By Frank Nuessle

An Excerpt

“Reading Ta-Nehisi Coates’ new book about his experience of being black in White America has touched a place of deep-seated fear and unacknowledged anguish buried deep inside of me. 

Why would I, a sixty something, tall, blue eyed, well educated, white man who has lived a privileged life in White America, be so afraid? 

I think it’s because Coates is right when he points out that we “American Dreamers” espouse Freedom for All, while at the same time, we build our privileged lifestyle ‘on the backs of our fellow humans.’  In more recent times, technology has freed us ‘to plunder not just the bodies of humans but the body of the earth itself.”  The hypocrisy of America’s actions in the world stand clearly opposed to our vision of our country as “the greatest and noblest nation ever to exist, a lone champion standing between the white city of democracy and the terrorists, rapists, barbarians, and other enemies of civilization.”

It frightens me that we Dreamers might reap what we have sown.  If so, all of us, the rich and the poor, the innocent and the guilty, will suffer the consequences. How does America wake up to these consequences and escape from our current dream that is so divorced from reality?

Today America has no language, no story, for such a renewal.   The rejuvenation of hope and belief in our democratic system is hampered because we live out of false belief about the nature of our humanness.   Our cultural belief, which has spawned naked capitalism, is that we humans are just animals with more sophisticated brains, so that life is merely a constant struggle for survival and then you die.  These beliefs are fed to us daily by mass media along with the false belief that America is still the shining exemplar of democratic values where honesty and hard work pays off.   This is simply not true.”

Friends, I came across this article and this section of it struck me as particularly pertinent to where we are in world affairs (See Information Clearing House to read the whole thing).

The Americans still live in a world of their own and their actions, always ill-considered and illogical, drive us ever closer to a nuclear war that will probably lead us to extinction.



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