Oz Plays Anti-China Wargames With Yanks!

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1563_100997_31617_00-00-000_1_640x360“We’re having such fun playing war games with our Australian mates!”

238371-obama“We welcome Australia’s unquestioning support of our imperia…er, democratic, purely selfless aims!”


I came across an article on The World Socialist Web Site (WSWS – see link in my sidebar) which had slipped under my radar.

According to the author,  James Cogan: “The Labor government’s commitment to the Obama administration’s “pivot” to Asia and preparations for a military confrontation with China has been on display since July 15 in the form of a major exercise named “Talisman Saber.” As many as 22,000 American personnel and 16 ships, alongside up to 10,000 Australian personnel and 11 ships, are currently rehearsing in northern Australia and the Coral Sea for the outbreak of a war.”

Well I never! Huge war rehearsals going on and I really didn’t know the extent. But then my recent post talking about the U.S. nuking China to stop its progress towards becoming a ‘Superpower’ I guess unconsciously prepared me for the distinct possibility.

What I’m not prepared for is the size of the maneuvers and the fact that they are taking place in clear view of our largest trading partner which is China. What I’m also unprepared for is the stupidity of my my country and its politicians who, to put it kindly, are showing a total lack of judgement in throwing in their lot with the U.S., the world’s greatest warmonger and imperialist.

Mr Cogan goes on to say: “This year’s exercise involves the majority of the US Seventh Fleet, including its command and control vessel, the Blue Ridge, the massive amphibious assault ship Bonhomme Richard, which can deploy close to 2,000 marines, and the aircraft carrier George Washington. The Australian Navy frigate Sydney, which was “embedded” with the Seventh Fleet earlier in the year, is operating as part of the George Washington’s escort, as well as another frigate, the Perth. Australian submarines and support ships are also rehearsing how to integrate rapidly into the far larger US fleet.”

What will China make of this cozy exercise? What do you think they’ll think? They’ll think: Why should we continue to trade with this backward country which obviously supports the blatant attempt by the U.S. to gain world domination?

Mr Cogan observes: “Such war games are always presented as defensive actions, responding to external threats. In reality, a central aspect of the US military’s “AirSea Battle” doctrine is the offensive deployment of American and allied forces to blockade sea lanes, such as the Straits of Malacca, the Sunda Straits and Lombok Straits, and cut off China’s access to oil, gas and other raw materials from the Middle East and Africa.” 

But the most disturbing paragraph written by Mr Cogan is this: “The Labor government’s growing incorporation of Australia into the American military machine has taken place entirely behind the backs, and without the agreement, of the working class. The political establishment and the media collaborate to conceal from workers and youth the reality that the ruling classes in both the US and Australia are actively contemplating a war that could trigger a nuclear conflagration and a historical catastrophe.”

Of course, I’ve been on about this for years. But not much is made of it in the media or in our Parliament for fear of stampeding the horses. The people running Australia are nearly as insane as those running the U.S.

Fellow Australians, how does it feel to know that we are just another piece in the grotesque jigsaw of American capitalist greed? How does it feel to realize that our nation is working hand in glove for the U.S., is part of its hegemony, its brutal militaristic insanity?

To the Chinese, Australia is rapidly becoming an enemy. That is pure madness given the rise and rise of China and the disintegration of the American empire.

We have to get the U.S. out of our country and become independent, neutral, non-aligned.

Or we will go down with America!

Your feedback would be greatly appreciated.


Rob Alan
Jul 30, 2013 at 3:22 pm

‘We have to get the U.S. out of our country and become independent, neutral, non-aligned.’

Goes for all nations really. Look at the mess the EU is in from centralizing bankster power.

On why is it so? I find myself defaulting to the cognitive dissonance concept and what we learned from the Stanley Milgram experiments.

Cognitive dissonance – https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cognitive_dissonance
Stanley Milgram – https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Stanley_Milgram

Example of above can be seen in how our msm, political systems do work. Factions waring over which colour to paint the nation’s toe nails does nothing for the out rite devastation going on all around us.

Waleed Aly did an intriguing talk on power recently, I would recommend a looksee.

Free Speech, Vilification and Power – http://www.themonthly.com.au/video/2013/07/19/1374217276/free-speech-vilification-and-power-waleed-aly

Dennis M.
Jul 30, 2013 at 5:18 pm

Rob, I majored in psychology so I’m very familiar with the revealing work of Milgram. The Germans and the Americans seem to share similar traits as far as obedience to authority goes.

Both nations regiment their citizens very early!

Jul 31, 2013 at 12:41 am

You are a clear seeing one. Clearly your government didn’t ask your opinion before making this arrangement with the Yanks. I didn’t realize what a commitment it is of Australian forces at work with their American counterparts. I can’t imagine what China thinks of all of this. Except they do a lot of business with Australia, They don’t seem like the types to take this information passively. I feel for you Aussies. This is a bad situation.

Dennis M.
Jul 31, 2013 at 8:09 am

Sierra, Australians still live in a 1945 mindset. They see the Yanks as having saved them. They cannot get their tiny minds around the fact that the U.S. has changed dramatically and is now a threat to the world.

We used to be called ‘The Lucky Country’. Now we are the ‘Stupid Country’!

Aug 1, 2013 at 11:20 pm

You know how the United States is governed by it’s Constitution, well, I just found out that I live in a Constitution -free zone! In fact most people in the US live in a CFZ. Anywhere within 100 miles of the ocean, lives in the zone.


Will your laws protect you?


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