Love, Peace And Unity: Wherefore art thou?

A street vendor sells t-shirts and fabric outside the hospital where ailing former President Nelson Mandela is being treated in Pretoria

I was touchedĀ  by this image. Love, peace and unity seem to be the scarcest things in our greed-filled world.

We have a plethora of luxury cars, wide-screen televisions, designer clothes, designer babies but love, peace and unity seems to be almost non-existent in our human world.

The death throes of Mandela have brought out some caring, some tiny chards of love, peace and unity but compared with the evil of the forces that pursue war and plundering, it’s a drop in the ocean.

Our over-populated world is filled with humans who are consumed by greed: for power, for wealth, for success. These things destroy love, peace and unity, are inimical to them.

These things will eventually destroy humans, avaricious humans who seemed capable of great things like nobility, of altruism, or compassion but settled for brutality, greed and immorality instead.

The following photograph will eventually symbolize the human plague.


EasterIsland02On Easter Island a race of people lived then disappeared.

Nothing is known about them!

4 thoughts on “Love, Peace And Unity: Wherefore art thou?

  1. Dennis

    “On Easter Island a race of people lived then disappeared.

    Nothing is known about them”

    Not quite correct–the didn’t all disappear, and something (very little) is known about them. I’ll agree that Easter Island is an excellent example of self-inflicted cultural and ecological disaster, even people with a stone age culture must have realised that they were “eating their future” (like us).
    After visiting the island I found it difficult to believe that it was once covered in giant palms and rich in bird life.

  2. Justice, for ‘individualism’ read selfishness. Pigs at a trough are symbols of nobility compared to humans in the vicinity of a bucket of money!

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