Are The Last Days Of Rome Being Repeated?

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Friends, as Rome disintegrated, the Coliseum was in its heyday. People fought animals and each other to the death for the amusement of the masses. Blood was spilled and corpses were dragged away by horses. A good time was had by all but not by those in the arena.

In 2013, we have a smaller version of the Coliseum called a cage. In it two men and women fight between 3 and 5, five minute rounds and the winner is the one who forces a submission from an opponent or renders him or her unconscious or is adjudged as the winner by a judging panel.

Cage+Fighting+Held+Wembley+Arena+2Gf3OFQ5HVOlThese two men seem to be doing their best to kill each other!

 As the combatants gouge, strangle, elbow, punch,  head butt, knee kick, apply arm locks and leg locks which, if the opponent does not submit  by tapping the floor would break limbs or result in death, the crowd goes crazy.

The sight of blood seems to get them going. They yell, hoot, applaud, swept up by the brutal game that some call a sport!

6838157622_cd3b80df10_z“Pardon my elbow cutting your face but I’m going to win anyway I can!”

After all the events are finished, the crowd of men and women go home and feel satiated. Some might even feel sickened by the spectacle that seems to glorify extreme violence. Others might dream of doing the things that the combatants did. Winners of some contests can be heard to make primeval screams such as wild animals do.

Testosterone rules, our animal nature is given full reign in the cage. It is no different to cock-fighting or bull fighting except that the combatants are supposed to be intelligent human beings, noble creatures some might claim.

That we have turned to such bloody spectacles rings a warning bell to me. I have observed before that we appear to be devolving rather than evolving. In the cage there is clear proof.

I wonder when cage fighters will fight to the death to amuse the masses and signify the total decadence and immorality of our current civilization?

It’s a wonder that people like Murdoch and the Packers haven’t promoted it already. ‘One Day Cricket’ just doesn’t compare!


Your feedback would be greatly appreciated.


May 12, 2013 at 7:44 pm

they are better in there destroying each other,than poor old joe on the street.
We know the west is imploding so it is essential we keep these idiots caged.


May 12, 2013 at 7:50 pm

as an aside have you been following ‘breaking bad” on iview great realism
and shows the world as it really is.
Drug dealers and the politicians the real criminals.


May 13, 2013 at 12:00 am

I highly recommend the Hunger Games. It looks at this subject and there is a clever blend of futurism and history. The costumes are a futuristic version of a decadent past. In it, the dirt poor working class kids are forced to fight to the death for the pleasure of the decadent class. I do not recommend this movie for children. It is a very adult theme and kids get killed. I won’t show it to my son even though he read the book. When he is 16 or 17, he can watch it then.

Such pretty, clean people can be so savage. But then, the decadent class are savages.


May 13, 2013 at 1:52 am

Dear Sirs/Madam
Please cancel my membership to “the human race”. In light of recent developments in social behavior, politics, and mental conditions, the organization no longer meets my needs or expectations of an intelligent, compassionate, or reasonable entity. In so far as the “organization’s” policies of hatred, destruction, and termination of other life forms are concerned, the conflict disagrees with my personal concept of an “intelligent” race, therefore violates the terms of service agreement. In lieu of legal recourse, termination of my membership will suffice for the time being. Any damages will be assessed and forwarded to your legal department for your consideration.


May 13, 2013 at 8:46 am

I am to slightly disagree with all on this occasion.

I’ve done boxing then onto karate then onto racing track bikes. For some the primal need for challenge has to be nurtured or we go mad. If it is a willing contest where the opponents understand the risks, do no harm to others, I see no reason to shed my own fears upon them.

Cage fighting is a clumsy endevour to myself but that’s just me. To an audience it may just be another cock fight but those combatants, unlike a cock fight are willing. That’s a huge difference.

Nature is violent, we are a part of nature. Understanding and gaining control over that primal urge is the task at at hand. Unlike the hideous cowards who send young men and women to their death in corporate resource wars those men are doing no harm to others.

Some of the most gentle men and women I’ve met have been fighters and often do great works in their local communities.


Dennis M.
May 13, 2013 at 2:44 pm

Murphy, I agree with everything you say. To do otherwise is to invite violent retribution.

I am a peaceful man, not given to fisticuffs or strangle holds although, as a youth, I did some judo but I’ve never had to use it. Call me a coward, a pasty pacifist if you will. I deserve it!

I have just thrown the cat through the window. Am I making progress?

P.S. But I opened it first!


May 13, 2013 at 5:19 pm

‘ a youth, I did some judo but I’ve never had to use it.’

May you never need that knowledge box opened grasshopper Dennis. What you learned is all still there. Evolving in the background gray matter, will, if you need it be on tap in an instant.

May peace be with you Dennis ‘nd all.


May 17, 2013 at 4:45 pm

The Roman Coliseum billings and crowd attraction for violence and blood does seem to be reflected in the WEC or Extreme Cage promotions and fan devotion.
However, it is not purely admiration for violence and blood that make it so horrific but also from another perspective -the entry of big business to milk the fans and fill the pockets of TV sport producers. In the U.S. Fox TV pretty much controls the TV entertainment –sports, shows etc. Their entry into the so called martial combined discipline ‘sport’ has been through The UFC –the Ultimate Fighters championship. Through Fox it has gained worldwide popularity, especially in Australia it seems. From my perspective, with due respect to the athletes, the spin I see is that it is a larger- with an in with the times- continuation of the WWF that has “entertained” and profited TV for decades. I find this greed, as well as, the many other forms of TV ‘entertainment’ exploitation such as the broadcast news, sit coms and soaps, etc, another, just as much a disparaging sign of decadence and immorality of our current civilization, no? Just some thoughts!
A one day cricket match from an American’s take- seems great!


May 17, 2013 at 7:30 pm

Sociopaths-in-denial love it when others suffer to please them. I’m not sure why empathy doesn’t get in the way of normal people. I’ve noticed it doesn’t seem to bother many.




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