This Short Video Says It All.


One of our contributors to Dangerous Creation has sent me this short, two minute video. It seems to say all that needs to be said about our world and the perilous state it has reached.

It is believed to have been created by a High School student, a very perceptive one. With the sound on, see what you think.

You may need to watch it a number of times before the full impact sinks in!


P.S. Thanks, Les!

4 thoughts on “This Short Video Says It All.

  1. The video is one of the most powerful I have ever seen about the headlong
    trajectory we are upon…..Thank you for posting this on site Dennis. If indeed
    it is so, that a young person made it, maybe, just maybe there is a glimmer
    of hope.


  2. DDDD..D…D….DDdamn it…………..D.D…DD…..DD..Ddavi…..?…..??? DDDD..D.DD…Den….di di…DDdennissss, that made me have to poop. All that was missing was the smoking gun, in the shape of a mushroom cloud-OH, what a wordsmith.
    Tootles……I mean……


  3. Yeah, it doesn’t take a lot of imagination to see where the human race is going, Joe.

    We trudged along the path of life for 10,000 years and, sadly, we’ve got nowhere.

    Humans and dinosaurs: birds of a feather!

    P.S. And humans aren’t even big.


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