The U.S. Defers The Day Of Reckoning! Again!

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U.S.debtThe Eagle is grounded!


U.S.debt2This truly represents the U.S. eagle if the truth be known!



How much longer can the Yanks put off the inevitable bankruptcy using trickery, employing sham delaying mechanisms, using duplicitous accounting pea and thimble games?

After months of turmoil, the Yanks postponed their day of Reckoning for another two months and the World Stock Markets, starved for so long, predictably went crazy as the greedy and the stupid threw heaps of money into the ring hoping that they would make mega-bucks for doing nothing then sell out before the next market collapse.

But the truth is that the U.S. is bankrupt. It owes more in interest on its loans than it earns and spends. It is over-stretched monetarily and militarily. It should be put in a debtor’s prison or a stockade. It should be punished with severe austerity measures like those imposed on various nations in the E.U. which have over-spent!

But what does it do? It continues to parade and ponce around the world  telling other nations what to do. With other nations, it is planning endless new wars. It is selling armaments like there is no tomorrow. Its troops are flooding into Africa hoping to loot, rape and plunder. It is moving into S.E. Asia, trying to contain China.

Meanwhile, within its nation, from sea to shining sea, there is poverty and homelessness and unemployment and decrepit infrastructure. It still can’t find the money to repair the damage wreaked by Hurricane Sandy for God’s sake!

When is the world going to wake up to the ‘Giant Fraud’ that the U.S. is? When is the world going to call the U.S. out, rightly accuse it of being an Emperor Without Clothes, a wolf without teeth, a right royal pain in the butt?

The U.S. is a parody of the Roman Empire. Its huge armies can’t even beat poor nations who have no armies, nations like Iraq and Afghanistan. The U.S. is full of hot air, hot stale air which reeks of corruption and decay and dirty dealing and death.

It is leading our world backwards, towards the Dark Ages, Dark Ages that are filled with nuclear bombs.

The U.S. must be stopped. It is run by psychopaths and sociopaths who will destroy any nation that gets in its road.

Wake up, world. The writing is on the wall. The U.S. is playing for keeps though not honestly.

For them, it’s Global Domination or Bust!


Your feedback would be greatly appreciated.


mr cat
Jan 3, 2013 at 4:02 pm

I agree about the yanks in denial of their true position.
It reminds me of the British in the decades post WW2, where broke after two world wars and the invariable stupidity of the political establishment, they tried to keep the empire going without the funds to perpetuate the aim.
However they failed to invest in new technology post war as they lacked the funds due to imperial maintenance.
This left them unable to do anything much as although they wanted to play empire, they consistantly lacked the economy to back it up and they diverted funds to help the economy by instead trying to prop up the empire.
Then there were the ‘winds of change’ starting with India from the late ’40’s which lead to a decolonisation that was froced upon them which continued to the early ’70’s as the Poms steadily scaled back their ambitions.
East of Suez was a key moment in the late ’60’s and by the early ’80’s, the Falklands crisis saved he Royal Navy from huge cuts (again during yet another economic crisis).

Granted, the poms tried to keep the empire going, indeed they were keen indeed, but too much was against them from colonial wars popping up (Kenya, Aden Borneo etc), to recurring threats by the yanks to devalue their currency (Suez crisis in ’56) etc.
The Poms even tried using other nations as proxies in vital regions by supplying quality weaponry to ‘regional policemen’ such as Iran under the Shah (The Vosper MK 5 Alvand class light frigate which was the fastest warship in the world for a long time).
Of course the yanks have been playing the same imperial game too during this period and like the Poms, moreso as they struggle to kep their ghastly empire going and using other nations as well as propping up others.
The puppets in Iraq have much U.S weaponry foisted upon them by the yanks and the Afghans do as well.
However we all know how they are going to end up as is happening now as Iraq is wracked by continual bombings as uprisings against the puppet Al Maliki grow (does anyone recall the 200 killed in bombings in Iraq over Christmas/New year that made the news here in Australia?).

In conclusion the yanks have had it as their actions mirror the Poms in their death throes of empire.
With the Poms though it took a few decades of steady decline, however with hindsight it was clear since Suez in ’56 that the Poms were finished.
The yanks are similar, but we’ll likely see them thrash about for a while, but to many its already clear that they’ve had it.
What annoys me is their continual arrogant boasting on their military prowess, yet they ignore the ongoing defeats they always sustain (Afghanistan and Iraq the latest), and the stagnation in their armed forces as they price themselves out of business while their equipment atrophies such as their over vaunted navy which is an international joke, with shortages, declining ship numbers, outdated designs, newer utterly useless ships (LCS fiasco) and availability failings.
Apart from that they bumble about the worlds oceans like bullies pretending to keep the sea lanes open!.
However what they can’t explain is just what ‘threat’ to international trade there actually is that warrants this assertion to protecting world trade (and I don’t count a bunch of ex-fishermen pirates from Somalia for example that have popped up in the past decade).
So in conclusion, the yanks have had it and good riddance to the blighters!.
I predict more and more there will be people globally bypassing the yanks, as they flounder and stagnate increasingly as the years go by.
Gradually, the world will see just how much they’ve held us all back over decades including here in Australia.
I predict a new renaissance in the world once the oppressive yank jackboot is off all our necks and the yank empire is buried in the tip.

Have a read of British history and look at the similarity in their behaviour.
Thanks and good health to all,

Mr Cat


Dennis M.
Jan 3, 2013 at 4:48 pm

Hey, great comment, Mr Cat! I especially liked: ‘I predict a new renaissance in the world once the oppressive yank jackboot is off all our necks and the yank empire is buried in the tip.’

Problem is that first we have to avoid nuclear war. Between the Yanks and the Israelis, that won’t be easy!


mr cat
Jan 3, 2013 at 5:36 pm

Well Good sir I suggest that what we may instead see is that the yanks just peter out with a whimper as opposed to WW3 or some such.
Most empires just collapse and the yanks are no different to the Soviets, the British or others.
Take WW3, it annoys the yanks greatly that the Ruskies and Chinese are just too strong to destroy or conquer.
In recent years vis a’ vis the Chinese it been reveal that that have some 5000 km or so of underground tunnels and bunkers for storing nuclear missiles and a lot more besides.
Linked by underground rail and invulnerable to any attack, it would be suicide for the yanks to attack China as now they would have a retaliatory nuclear strike capability that could destroy the U.S.
Even a couple of hundred bombs hitting U.S cities would be enough to finish them off and the yanks know it.
Look up China’s ‘underground great wall’ in relation to its nuclear missiles.

So if the yanks tried it on they’d be committing suicide, so I’m worried by any fears of WW3, as in a sense both Russia and China now provide world peace by being (each in turn and especially together) a cogent counter to any yank aggression.

However its the smaller nations that should worry about yank attack, but as we’ve seen the yanks are utterly hopeless at winning those too and already close to bankruptcy, even action against Iran may well finish them off as the Iranians aren’t dills and one can expect them to have watched very carefully the many lessons of Iraq and Afghanistan.
Indeed even if the yanks mount an Iraq-style bombing effort, the Iranians would likely wage retaliation in the short term with its own missiles and long term the kind of insurgency across the region in retaliation that would have the same effect as the Iraq debacle had.

From what I can see, the yanks know this as well which is why some yank generals are trying to restrain the many hot heads over there as they can see the equation which the hubristically inclined ‘Sontarans’ across that bloody country can’t work out.

So I think the yanks will peter out and in effect they just fade away as an irelevance, despite much bluster about their ‘civilisation’ which is a huge joke as they haven’t got one!.
Good old ” Malcolm F Tucker” from the BBC comedy ‘The thick of it’, was right in his brilliantly sweary slur against the yanks as describing them as their nasty ‘master race’ mentality.
They are un-nervingly like the Nazi’s in that ‘exceptionalism’ mentality and of course, love to parade their achievements to the world, just as any other despotic regime has done – as if that makes it all right!.

mr Cat


Dennis M.
Jan 3, 2013 at 7:29 pm

Mr Cat, let me suggest that the Yanks will not fade into the sunset. It is not their style.

Engaging the world in a destructive nuclear fight to the death is more in line with their psychopathic thinking.

They pretend they are bigger than life and I’m sure they’ll want to go out in what seems to them to be a blaze of glory even if it’s a crushing, ignominious defeat.



Jan 4, 2013 at 2:31 am

“How much longer can the Yanks put off the inevitable bankruptcy ..”

This is what we are all watching and waiting to see. They put it off with talk of a fiscal cliff they talk on and on about it. Anything to buy time. Our leaders are in the news as though they are great diplomats – talking to this leader and that. Takes up time and news space. As though Hillary were a great diplomat! Her concussion is another time diversion and in fact suspicions of time deferment is on the lips of her critics. So , the USof A is putting off the inevitable. 50% of the households are on some form of government assistance. We clearly spend more than we earn. Will another war arrive before the admitting of defeat? Yes. I am sorry to say that is true. They are playing a high stakes game/ Money lenders will make out like bandits no matter what America does. Everything always seems to lead back to the “Federal” money lenders. They will make a World War possible and they are the ones that will benefit. This won’t be the first time or even the second or third time it’s been done!


Dennis M.
Jan 4, 2013 at 8:02 am

Worrying words, indeed, Sierra. If only we could get the ones who will suffer most from another world war to start thinking, to start protesting, to start marching before it’s too late.


Jan 4, 2013 at 10:39 am

Yes, Dennis, it is up to the people who are going to suffer the most who will try to shut this down. This is why it is so important that people around the World get educated and not put up with the global bully system and we will stand in unity. This is a New World Order. There will be nowhere to hide. If you live in society you will be affected. We have the numbers of people that the fraction of 1% fear. That is what we are up against! We could do it with unity of understanding. Stand in unity with people questioning the system, everywhere. We are all in the same boat ultimately. Good planets are hard to find. : )


Dennis M.
Jan 4, 2013 at 11:14 am

Loved your last sentence, Sierra! 🙂



mr cat
Jan 4, 2013 at 4:08 pm

Personally, I’m sceptical of the ‘out with a bang’ theory for the yanks.

Again, I suggest, whom are they going to attack?.
China and Russia have enough retaliatory capability to stop the yanks.

Indeed, I’m wondering about even small nations like Iran or Pakistan as China in the past has directly warned the yanks not to attack Pakistan or else.
Iran has growing relations with China and it may be China would act similarly (which is something the yanks haven’t even considered).

Also, as I remind you, they just keep on losing the wars they start and its doubtful whether their economy could sustain even a regional war, despite having the weaponry to execute it.

I predict they’ll just collapse much as the USSR did as certainly they are still deluded beyond reason, nonetheless there are too many curbs placed upon them now internationally, starting with their bankrupt economy from which they just won’t revive because they can’t.

All we’ve got to do in the rest of the world is simply stay out of their way, foster more independence, make sure we can defend ourselves enough to deter the yank aggressors and just wait for them to fold.

This is already happening internationally where ordinary people, scientists etc are already bypassing the yanks and shunning them by seeking out like minded people as more and more think the yanks are nothing but trouble and really quite backward.
I myself will never talk to yanks nor participate in any exchanges with them.

They are simply the worst things ever to materialise on this planet, a mistake of history that should never have occurred.
However most of the time I’m indifferent to them as they don’t impinge on my life as I decided long ago to ‘de-americanise’ my life completely and yes I’m far better off.
I think Australia as a whole should ‘de-Americanise’ itself too, resulting in new options, freedom and opportunities for our nation.
If not, I fear in less than a century, Australia and our fledgling culture won’t even exist as we’ll be absorbed by the American empire.
Consider the way yank words are infiltrating our culture.
In the past two years now, I’ve been appalled to hear the word ‘buddy’ being used by blokes here.
When they say it to me, I instantly come back at them and retort;
“I’m not American” or “I didn’t know you were an American”!.
ha hah.
Takes the wind right out of their sails as that word ‘buddy’ has never been used here that I know of!.
Mate or Cobber will suit me, but I’m not anyone’s ‘buddy’.


Dennis M.
Jan 4, 2013 at 5:20 pm

The Yanks would’ve started a nuclear confrontation over Cuba except the Russians beat a graceful and intelligent retreat, Mr Cat. There are far more psychopaths among the leaders of the U.S. today and the Corporations have much more power these days.

It’s depressing, looking at the state of the world. It is run by criminals to advantage criminals. And our little nation is run by moronic apologists for America!

Stop the world! I wan’t to get off.


mr cat
Jan 4, 2013 at 5:56 pm

The cuban missile crisis is a good example actually.
In truth, the yanks and Ruskies both backed down as certainly the Soviet IRBM’s were withdrawn (although others were substituted), but it was far from an exclusive Soviet backdown as the yanks agreed to withdraw their Jupiter C missiles from Turkey.
Its just that in subsequent years, the yanks went around pretending that they ‘won’ by forcing a Soviet backdown.
Its a mystery why the Soviets never really spoke out about the how they forced the withdrawal of the Jupiter C’s from Turkey.
Mind you they did agree to keep it secret, so perhaps they were honouring that promise.
It seems the yanks were more concerned with public image and couuldn’t bring themselves to admit that the Soviets forced them to back down equally.

Verily I suggest that the yanks, mad as they are, can actually be forced to back down if one is prepared to stand up to the blighters where one can defend oneself.


Dennis M.
Jan 4, 2013 at 7:20 pm

Mr Cat, I think that Americans, despite their carefully cultivated ‘High Noon’ image are basically cowards.

The nations they invade, rape and plunder are poorly served by their armies assuming they have any.

As you point out, Russia and China can and will fight back when it comes to the crunch (which may be soon).

The U.S. is a loose cannon, a few cards short of a pack. That’s why it’s so dangerous!


Jan 5, 2013 at 9:46 am

Dennis/ Mr Cat,

I wouldn’t dismiss the “Out with a Bang” theory, at least at the financial level. According to Niall Ferguson, Imperial powers usually don’t decline gradually, but suddenly, due to a fiscal tipping point which the US is fast approaching. It’s worth remembering that most long-term economic and financial forecasts are basically fantasies. When I was at Business School in the 90s Japan was predicted to overtake the US (economically) in a generation, instead, the country has experienced 20 years of stagnation, China was barely on the horizon.

Although, like most people who post on this site, I deplore the American Empire which was aggressive and expansionist from the foundation of the nation, however there is still much to admire about the US Republic and its achievements, so I wouldn’t welcome the collapse of the US. “Better the Devil you know.”

Mr Cat,

British relative decline started long before WW2 or even WW1, by 1900 Germany and the US had overtaken the UK in overall industrial production and Germany in particular, was more advanced technologically. Both wars were probably as much the result of, as the cause of Britain’s decline.


mr cat
Jan 7, 2013 at 3:40 pm

G’day RussellW,

To be fair yes I think your point about the start of British decline is pretty much right as certainly the yanks were industrialising and Germany too coupled with the latter being in the midst of a scientific ‘revolution’ that made them the most advanced nation by the end of the 1930’s.
My point about British decline (a relative concept to be sure, as typified today by the U.S situation), was to speak in simple terms with the early 20th century being a convenient baseline for the purposes of my central point (hence my reference to WW1).
Still I acknowledge your more detailed point on that era of British decline, which I agree with. Thank you kind Sir!.

I disagree though regarding your reference to the ‘achievements’ of the yanks.
I’ve mentioned before here how the yanks really only became a ‘superpower’ via being unscathed by war at home in both world wars, keeping its industrial infrastructure going and then the wholesale plunder of European and mainly German scientific and technical capability at the end of WW2 and subsequently which gave them a huge ‘leg up’ in areas ranging from rocketry and aviation to tape recorders and textiles.
In my own working life and before as a student we here in Australia could easily look up in any textbook the origins of various U.S technical abilities and how they nicked it form the nazi’s, but somehow to many people still portrayed it as ‘American scientific pre-eminence’ and other slogans which are still being used.
Apart from the dubious morality of benefiting from regimes like the Nazi’s with their ghastly record, its just plain dishonest to pretend that one’s achievements justify the means they were obtained and what they then did with them.

Granted I’m confining myself to areas I can speak authoratively about (science and technology), but I still question the notion propounded by some that the yanks have been responsible for much achievement and that in itself can be used as an argument in mitigation in defence of the yanks.

In conclusion, lots of nasty societies make claim to their achievements, but that can’t be used as a defence in mitigation.
eg. Do German breakthroughs in rocketry mitigate the 20,000 slave labourers worked to death in the mittelwerk during the war?.

In recent years even on the BBC comedy series QI with Stephen Fry, funny blokes like Jimmy Carr were silenced when it was revealed just how much of the U.S prison population is forced to work making things like office furniture to home appliances and the high percentages involved in total production for consumer sales.
The yanks as Stephen Fry starkly observed have quietly re-introduced the slave trade within its prison population.
When I looked up the facts it seems it is true?.
Does that fact diminish its cultural ‘achievements’ say?.

Thank you for your points and a useful discussion.

Mr cat


Dennis M.
Jan 7, 2013 at 4:38 pm

Unfortunately, the Yanks want to enslave more than just their prison population, Mr Cat and Russell. I think they clearly want to enslave most of the world’s people and are well advanced towards this end.

Why the bulk of people in the world are not up in arms, literally, about American imperialism beats me completely. It’s not as though they hide their intentions, is it?

Just look at a map of the world and how many nations the U.S. either has control of or are supporting their imperialism. That Australia is one of their allies fills me with deep shame!


Jan 7, 2013 at 5:17 pm

Mr cat,

I wasn’t trying to excuse America’s imperial attitude or its human rights violations and the US, like any nation, has its morally repugnant institutions and policies, however there are far nastier superpower contenders.

Your comments in regard to borrowed Nazi technology remind me of some earlier online discussion I’ve had with Americans. I pointed out it was the Nazis who invented cruise missiles and ballistic missiles and Germany developed operational jet fighters, rocket fighters and jet bombers before the Allies. I doubt if they really believed me, the “Everything Invented in America” mentality is too ingrained, also my provocative claim that Americans don’t really elect their government is usually met with bewilderment.

Dennis, mr cat,

I am definitely not a supporter of the US alliance and the naive belief that Australia is paying some kind of insurance premium by brown-nosing America– surely we should have learned from the British government’s duplicitous behaviour in WW2 that the “Great and Powerful Friend” is a complete fantasy.


Dennis M.
Jan 7, 2013 at 5:33 pm

The question of nastiest superpower contenders would be settled if all the WikiLeaks that Julian has were to be released.

The U.S. believes that any means are justified if they achieve their ends. The dropping of atom bombs on Japan at the end of WW2 and the use of rendition and assassination squads, etc, suggest to me the U.S. is the clear winner already and we haven’t seen or we don’t know about other atrocities!


Russell W
Jan 8, 2013 at 8:29 am


Yes, the Americans claim that use of nuclear weapons against Japan was essential to end WW2 and minimise Allied casualties.
Some historians disagree and say that the Japanese government did not surrender as a result of the attacks on Hiroshima and Nagasaki but because of the fear of Soviet occupation—the Americans were perceived as more likely to compromise and allow the survival of the Imperial system. The Japanese militarists didn’t care about the survival of their civilians any more than the Americans, it was immaterial to them whether 100,000 people were incinerated by incendiary bombing or nuclear weapons.


Dennis M.
Jan 8, 2013 at 8:55 am

The Yanks had several reasons to nuke the Japanese, Russell, not least of which was to show to the world and Russia how powerful they were.

I feel that the dropping of the atomic bombs was where the U.S. suddenly got the idea it could control the world although there is no way to prove it.

Viewing the complete destruction must have given the Yanks a real buzz. Another race of people would have recoiled in horror!


Jeff Satin
Jan 10, 2013 at 6:36 pm

Let me show you how it only takes a few well informed lawyers and politicians to wreck a country, and how long ago all this was perpetrated on us, and I ask, how many people in this country even know this information?
The first paragraph below is not aimed at anyone here, it was in response to 145 comments made about the fact that our govt. is considering minting a 1 Trillion Dollar series of Platinum coins, and how appalled I was at the fact no one knew anything about what I revealed to them…
Sorry that it is such lengthy reading, but lawyers are a breathy bunch…
Here is the link to that article…

It is amazing to me that out of all these comments, no one has seriously touched on the “Trading with the Enemy” Act, the “Emergency and War Powers” Act, the “Federal Reserve Act”, the “IRS Act” “Black Monday” or any of the many things those 525 critters I laughably call the govt. have done to the rest of us…. Read this and this… and this…….
and this…
these use the govt.’s own documents to tell the story…

then tell me how “benevolent” you think the govt. is…

Oh, and I forgot who got us into this mess, and how they covered it up… read this research…
THAT many states couldn’t have been mistaken for THAT long…


Jeff Satin
Jan 10, 2013 at 6:42 pm

It isn’t EVERYONE in this country, just a handfull of jerkoffs and jerkoff-esses who
are responsible, most of the rest of us are barely treading water, waiting for the majority to have had enough, but I suppose THAT is what all those FEMA camps are for…
Still, I think that our govt. (500 or so of them) would be wise to heed this warning…
“Does the name “Custer” mean anything to you?…”)


Jan 10, 2013 at 7:06 pm

Jeff Satin,

Since America is a democracy you really can’t blame the country’s political elite for its present dire fiscal position and relentless militarism, the voters are also to blame, and of course, all democracies have much the same problem with an apathetic electorate. For obvious reasons we’re all concerned at what the US will do next, and to whom.




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