Twin Storms Building: The Capitalist World In Peril.

Posted by Dennis M. on May 6, 2012 in Posts Views:478;|


In the U.S. and the Eurozone, financially, things are going from bad to worse according to Reuters today. Although both regions are trying desperately to talk up the situation, gild the lily so to speak, there is fear, there is stress.

It’s ironic in a way that a seriously corrupt system, one that has created so many mufti-millionaires and billionaires, is teetering on oblivion. All over the world, there must be people in luxury beds and mansions who can’t sleep at night wondering if their privilege and financial advantage is going to suddenly disappear under an avalanche of share market and real estate collapses, and mob rule.

I guess the Buddhist philosophy of making do with very little and expecting catastrophes to come along allows its devotees to survive whatever life throws at them. Those with little have little to lose. Most of the world’s people have little. Some have nothing!

But what about those who have screwed many in the pursuit of their fortunes? How will they cope with standing in a soup queue with ragged folk wearing torn clothes and shoes with split sides?

And those who retreat behind the walls of their mansions while hungry mobs howl and rage outside and call for their blood, imagine the fear they will feel as the mobs breach the fences and walls and they hear the sound of glass breaking and heavy doors splintering.

Payback time is getting closer. The rich have had their way for far too long. They were always too greedy. They saw only buckets of gold, not the hopeless faces of those who they exploited, who they starved.

They saw only gold watches and exotic sports cars and dining in fancy restaurants where the cost of a meal would keep a hundred peasants fed for a month.

A hungry mob suddenly awakened is a dangerous beast. It is not led by reason. It is driven by revenge.

The greedy rich have thumbed their noses at the poor for too long. They will pay a heavy price as Royalty did long ago in France.

When it’s all over, perhaps the world might become a place where equality reigns. It will for a time, then a new breed of manipulators and carpetbaggers will arise and the whole sorry system will repeat itself.

Humans never learn! Perhaps, when the nukes start falling, they may pay more attention.


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May 6, 2012 at 2:39 pm


I can remember reading Fukuyama’s “End of History” essay in the early 90s, he confidently announced the triumph of capitalism and neo-liberal economics. I was rather sceptical at the time when I thought about capitalists’ drive to push the system until it breaks. The oligarchs will survive any crisis quite comfortably, however, as usual in depressions, the Middle Class will be devastated, but they were supporters of ‘deregulation’ weren’t they?

Even Communism appears to be respectable again, with some intellectuals.


May 7, 2012 at 12:48 pm

‘When it’s all over’

LOL, northern hemisphere is trashed already. OZ is next. According to Helen Caldicott reported at position 5:50 on video linked below. Halliburton (Dick Chaney) are behind rail line down to the nuclear waste dump planed to be built on tribal lands in OZ. American waste in volume centralized on OZ soil. Enemies of America come on down? Who is to fund defending this dump I ask my self?

Nuclear waste presents a problem we can not solve. To accumulate huge volumes of said waste in one location in central Australia is a gross act of national terrorism of the scale not seen before. Just one inevitable accident or obvious terrorist(TM) attack will render OZ uninhabitable for ever.

Australia, wake up and grow a pair. At the very least write to your minister of choice, we are all worn out with our children’s futures being threatened by terror industries.


Dennis M
May 7, 2012 at 4:31 pm

Ah, Russell, the water is coming in faster than we can bail (out)! If the people turn against the Oligarchs, nothing will save them!

Gryph, humans seem to have a death wish. Nothing seems to alarm them. It’s as if they accept their fate!

Humans are funny people!


Mr Cat
May 8, 2012 at 1:14 pm

Hmmmmm, from memory, at times like this we should be expecting to hear reports any time now of a battered old 1960’s London police box suddenly appearing out of thin air coupled by a groaning wheezing sound and followed by the door opening and a strangely dressed man stepping out and accompanied by (usually) an attractive female companion…..

Right over to you Doctor!.


May 9, 2012 at 6:08 pm

Davo have a look at the real america,the most evil bastards on the planet,
and the silence of aus media,now if he was black !

Kelly Thomas Video: ‘Dad, They Are Killing Me’

By LA Times

Warning – Video Contains Scenes Of Shocking Police Violence

The sounds of the baton and a fist hitting the homeless man can be heard on an audio recorder that one of the officers had on his belt. Several spectators in the courtroom left during the video, and the judge paused it at one point as people in the crowd groaned.




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