China Baiting Has Begun!

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Blind Chinese dissident and artist Chen Guangcheng (shown above) left his home incarceration and, by means miraculous, ended up in the American Embassy in Beijing. His latest movements were to go to hospital accompanied by the American Ambassador.

This is the latest move in the chess game that the U.S. is playing with China, a game calculated to maintain or increase American psychological domination of China.

That America thinks it can dominate China either now or in the future demonstrates just how stupid America is. China is not a Middle Eastern Country run by an Islamic cleric or an easily-manipulated Saudi King. With more than a billion people, China is a civilization that has been in existence for thousands and thousands of years, not a mere couple of centuries which is all American can claim.

China has culture and wisdom where all America can claim is brashness and gross immaturity. America acts first then, as the smoke clears, it tries to assess whether it has gone forward or backwards. China carefully assesses its options, weighs them up, then, with cleverness, decides and moves slowly, constantly reassessing.

That American is interfering in China’s internal affairs is risky and stupid given that China owns most of America!

The other bit of American baiting in the region has to do with the Philippines. Paul Craig Roberts  tells us that:

– “Washington has pressured the Philippines, whose government it owns, into conducting joint military exercises in the South China Sea. Washington’s excuse is that China has territorial disputes with the Philippines, Indonesia, and other countries concerning island and sea rights in the South China Sea. Washington asserts that China’s territorial disputes with the like of Indonesia and the Philippines are a matter of United States’ national interests.” Of course, U.S. national interests seem to extend across the whole world.

He goes on to say that:

– “Soon whatever little remains of the US living standard will be sacrificed to Washington’s confrontation with China, along with the seizure of our pensions and personal savings in order to deter “the China threat.”

It is his concluding paragraph that is the cruncher. He says:

– “If only Americans were an intelligent people. Then they might have some prospect of holding on to their incomes, remaining wealth, and liberty. Unfortunately, Americans are so thoroughly plugged into the Matrix that they present as a doomed people, incapable of thought, reason, or ability to comprehend the facts that the rest of the world sees clearly.”

Paul Craig Roberts opines that it won’t come to a nuclear confrontation. I strongly disagree. America showed in Cuba that it is prepared to risk nuclear war.

Like Israel, it believes that ‘Might is Right’ and  ‘God is on its Side’ and the ‘Ends always justify the Means.’ The world is full of fools, isn’t it?

My advice: Kiss your children each night!

P.S. Paul Craig Roberts was the Assistant Secretary of the Treasury for Economic Policy and associate editor of the Wall Street Journal. Excerpts from his article, ‘Brewing a Conflict with China,’ are shown in the second part of this post. Read the whole article by Googling it. It’s excellent!

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May 6, 2012 at 7:56 am

David; I wonder how this american bully in the sandpit can be stopped? I mean they have landed at the bottom of the compost heap. The Government will never be able to pay back its debts. They still behave like the super bully and like they were still on top of the world. I guess, if they instigate another world war and the world goes up in flames they won’t have to pay back their dues. They probably think they are pretty safe in their own country,with their huge war arsenal they have accumulated, like they always were when they instigated wars in other countries.


May 8, 2012 at 8:14 am

Not to worry, David. The good ‘ole USA is in terminal decline, brought low by cut-throat capitalism, stupid and senseless wars, massive budget and trade deficits, the destruction of its industry, importation of massive numbers of 3rd and 4th world peoples either by legal or illegal means who can never assimilate, debauching its currency, subservience to the machinations of the zionist entity, radical feminism in which the brightest females regard men as oppressors and fail to reproduce, evangelical religiosity, corrupt politicians…

As the U.S.A. dominated the world from the end of WWII, China will assume this role in the not too distant future.


Mr Cat
May 8, 2012 at 1:40 pm

Lets not forget too that the yanks only became ‘powerful’ post WW2 via two criteria;
1. being the last man standing after the war while the rest were in ruins and thus unscathed were

2. Able to exploit the enormous scientific treasure plundered from Europe and mainly Nazi Germany from which they used as a foundation for their supposed (and often annoyingly claimed)
‘scientific pre- eminence’.
The truth is that U.S technical ability is really plundered Nazi ideas, technologies and expertise, which they naturally deny and can’t bring themselves to comtemplate in terms of the bad morality involved in their actions.
We know about the Nazi’s and the space programme, but other assistance came to aviation, medicine, tape recording machines and a vast number of other technologies they plundered.
People still call it ‘the great patent heist’ in some quarters!.
Look up the loot nicked under programmes like Operation Overcast or Operation Paperclip.
Its all been documented over the decades but it never seems to be transmitted to the wider world public and enter the public conscienceness.
I wonder why?


Dennis M
May 8, 2012 at 2:04 pm

Titania, we saw how safe the U.S. was then the Trade Towers began falling! Given that their borders leak like a sieve, they are very vulnerable!

TGD, China, which owns much of the U.S. already, is destined to become very powerful. Of course, some in the American political system are sufficiently deranged to consider using nukes against this growing rival. Let’s hope they don’t!

Mr Cat, thanks for dropping by and adding to our discussion. The U.S. is like a bower bird in an eagle’s body. It has no scruples or conscience!




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