Easter Is For Bunnies!



Friends, I hope that wherever you are this Easter, you will enjoy moments of peace and love with family and friends.

I know that peace and love are in short supply in this warring world but they do exist and can be found.

If only we could get rid of the divisiveness caused by religion, racism, and greed for wealth and power then peace and love could flower and fill the Earth.

A vain hope perhaps but surely, one day, humans will realize they are on the wrong path and put aside fear and superstition and instead embrace reality, reason and humanism.



7 thoughts on “Easter Is For Bunnies!

  1. About priorities,

    Have found it required practice when visiting msm sites to read the ‘corrections’ pages first up. I find the ‘we lied again and again’ pages are quite revealing in how the disinformation industry on front page does differ from the truth in such consistant fashion.


  2. ” its a sexy old time for those in the northern hemisphere! i wonder if the pope knows about this?”

    Probably when he’s leering at the choirboys. :)

    Yes, I know; eeww, eeww, eeww…


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