Do Torturers And Government Officials Love What They Do?

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At least this woman is still alive which may be a blessing!

This man didn’t survive the torture. His suffering is over!

“Perverts in Power: The Torture-Lovers Who Rule Us,” By Chris Floyd.

– The ordeal of Fatima Bouchar, exemplifies the vile essence of the ‘Terror War’ being conducted by United States and its abject satellite, Great Britain, against large swathes of the world’s population (including, increasingly, their own people).

– Just when Fatima Bouchar (pregnant) thought it couldn’t get any worse, the Americans forced her to lie on a stretcher and began wrapping tape around her feet. They moved upwards, she says, along her legs, winding the tape around and around, binding her to the stretcher. They taped her stomach, her arms and then her chest. She was bound tight, unable to move. Bouchar says there were three Americans: two tall, thin men and an equally tall woman. Mostly they were silent. She never saw their faces: they dressed in black and always wore black balaclavas.

– Why is this being done by official representatives of the governments of the United States and the United Kingdom? Why? Because — and let us be absolutely clear about this — because these people want to torture others. They like it, they enjoy it. There is clearly a zest, a psychosexual rush at work. Like child abusers, they enjoy their full, unchallengeable physical power over the bodies of their defenseless victims. They get off on it. They are the moral equivalent of pedophiles, and in any remotely healthy society, they would be treated as such. And of course we are not talking solely of those doing the hands-on torture. Their bosses are of exactly the same ilk.

– Over the past 10 years, US and UK soldiers and operatives have been formed into death squads carrying out secret killings in Iraq, Afghanistan and elsewhere around the world. They’ve kidnapped unarmed people (or often just bought them, like slaves, from profiteering locals), and sent them to secret prisons in the American gulag or to torture chambers in cooperative countries — including, at various times, Gadafy’s Libya and Assad’s Syria.

– They have murdered, beaten, sexually abused and psychologically tortured thousands upon thousands of people, very few of whom ever posed even the slightest threat to the United States or Great Britain.”

Friends, these five excerpts should be enough to alarm you. This is what is going on in the world and it is being carried out by those who claim to be ‘God’s Good Guys’, who claim to want peace, who say they are defenders of human rights and freedom and democracy. They lie!

If you want to read the whole sickening article, just Google it. You will find ‘God’s Good Guys’ to be a bunch of calculating, insatiably greedy morons who are totally amoral!

The world is heading into a bottomless pit of depravity. We are being led by the worst psychopaths the world has ever seen, people who make Hitler look like a Saint.

They live in Washington and London!


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Apr 13, 2012 at 1:40 am

Welcome to the new STALINISM! Brought to you by….the SAME PEOPLE!

You think 60 million goyim was a big number….just wait! We have even bigger plans!


Dennis M
Apr 13, 2012 at 6:54 am

Scarey, isn’t it, Amerika! We humans have lost the plot completely and few people seem to care.

The Dark Ages have come again. Perhaps they never left!




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