The Human Fly in Nature’s Ointment!

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Ever since humans appeared on Earth, Nature has been on the defensive. Prior to the human invasion, Nature had been in charge. Species came and species went, the Earth went through various ages when the climate changed, but everything flowed along smoothly.

Then the human ape appeared and things began to change. Humans started to challenge nature, at first in small ways, but as the ego and conceit of mankind grew, so did its power and influence.

But human power and influence did not progress in constructive ways. It progressed in dangerous ways. Nothing that humans do is designed to complement nature but to challenge it, all too often to destroy it.

And now, in 2102, humankind, nature’s conqueror, is faced with the ultimate challenge: survival. Unfortunately, our worst enemy, our only enemy, is our own kind.

We have the tools to destroy the world many times over. Whether it be nuclear weapons or deadly viruses or chemicals and gases, we have the power to turn the world into a replica of the moon.

Of course, what kind of species would want to do that? Deranged, sick humans of course.

We are sick. Very sick. And getting sicker by the day.

We have become the anti-Christ! Filled with greed and love of war and led by psychopaths and megalomaniacs, we plummet towards our own extinction. And we are too stupid to see it!

Nature will purge the world of the ugly signs of our presence.

It will have the last laugh!




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Mar 18, 2012 at 12:57 am

Thank you once again for a thought provoking commentary. Indeed, your blog IS a place for thinkers. Thank you for posting your views.
My opinion is that religion is partly responsible for some of the crap we humans have done to this planet. Some religions teach that man was given domino n over all things on the planet.
What we should be are stewards, good stewards not “over lords”. We should have been more humble towards nature. When I hear most religious people rant on and on, very, very few ever mention anything about being good stewards of our home world. And yet, they claim their god created all of this. Apparently their god does not care if they foul the “nest” that he/she/it made for them. How sad and disgusting.
Just my 2 cents.


Mar 18, 2012 at 5:49 am

David and Charlie – Never has the earth/nature flowed along smoothly. Species have come and gone with quite a bit of violence – violence far beyond what we can produce with our nukes. Google – super volcanoes or meteorite strikes. Life on our planet is precarious indeed! Why wouldn’t humans seek to invent savior mythology that eased the pain?
We really haven’t scientifically the faintest idea what is going on in the Universe and the only clues we have of God’s existence are UFO reports with little hard evidence and the visions of “holy” men and women.
If there are others in the Universe they are keeping themselves out of sight (save a brief appearance by Jesus). Still the universe is very very very old and fantastically large, so large and old that it is pretty inconceivable that there are not other beings with time consciousness and the will and power to travel about and change the material world for good or evil.
If these others do exist then it is a good sign that they haven’t taken over, although it could be that their kind of life finds no value in us or our planet.
In any case, although I don’t expect us to face extinction from our own many, many faults It is becoming pretty clear that we are heading for a very major collapse and a huge die off.
The best (according to my values) of the Judeo-Christian-Muslim writers offer a hope that there are other beings who have learned the ways of love and who are allowing us the freedom to fail. Their hope is that, before the final failure, their God will intervene. Those who see a $/power/status profit in religion, as in all areas of human societies (political, economic, scientific etc.), corrupt and destroy in their mad rush to be “somebody”.
Sane people know that they are “somebody” apart from the socialized values and goals of their families and society. They are able to construct their lives rationally by evaluating their situation and making plans for fulfilling their own chosen values according to their needs as social animals. They are not sociopaths or psychopaths but friendly, helpful. peaceful, coworkers, parents and neighbors.
Obviously we are all a bit mad and many completely so. Why we should be so is every thinking persons greatest mystery and the answers are plenty but the remedies (psychology, philosophy, religion, politics, education, science etc.) are few and mainly ineffective.
For those of us who have sought to see what is happening to our human societies through history and current events it is a hard landing when we reach the conclusion that our leaders are completely mad and we are doomed, but such has been the price paid by all who would see.
My remedy, as usual, is to dig a new garden bed or plant some flowers or get some exercise by walking to a friend’s and doing a bit of work together or to simply take a nap.
Thanks for the chance to ramble. Peace! Bob


Dennis M
Mar 18, 2012 at 11:52 am

Charlie, your comment is filled with wisdom. Religion, to me, is the way men hide from their own reality, one shown in the image in this post!

Bob, my opinion is that hoping for life on other planets is just another way humans hide from their mortality. I heartily agree with your statement that ‘we are all a bit mad!’.

Our leaders are the most mad!



Mar 18, 2012 at 12:19 pm

as tom waits put in a song off bone machine:”the earth died screaming/while i lay dreaming.” delusions will last until it is about to become fatal,at which point an onset of sanity might set in?just not sure about that however.klaus




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