Is Democracy An Illusion?

Posted by Dennis M. on Mar 14, 2012 in Posts Views:756;|

Does this image truly represent you and me? Are we just puppets controlled by the billionaire Kings?


This is Malcolm Turnbull, just an ordinary multi-millionaire M.P.


Is the word ‘democracy’ merely a buzz word used to hide the fact that we are controlled by an oligarchy of billionaire capitalists?

Are we being told that we have Government ‘by the people, for the people’ when the truth is that we are manipulated and controlled by people who have immense wealth, people who manipulate easily-bought politicians to ensure they make more and more wealth while we, the people, like mice on a treadmill, run endlessly but get nowhere because the game is rigged?

We even have politicians who are multi-millionaires: For example, Malcolm Turnbull is said to have 186 million in his safe. How sympathetic do you think he would be to the plight of the battler in the street?

In Australia at the moment, we have a trio of billionaire miners who, throwing aside any pretense, are actually declaring war on the LABOR Government because the Government wants to impose a higher rate of tax on them given they are making super profits selling minerals and fossil fuels which rightly belong to the citizens of Australia. The money from the super-tax is to be invested in infrastructure and super schemes to benefit all Australians.

They, self-righteously, are already putting full page adds in newspapers in an attempt to indoctrinate the citizens of Australia that being rich is somehow noble and they are also threatening to run television campaigns against the Government so they drop their super-profit tax intentions.

One of them is actually buying up shares in a newspaper group and is now its major shareholder and is demanding a seat on the Board. The same person also holds a major share in a television channel.

And of course, most of our media is already owned by billionaires like Packer and Murdoch who push the capitalist line that markets are the only way to conduct an economy. If such people are joined by the billionaire miners, then our indoctrination will be complete.

Of course, it’s the existence of markets that enable the billionaires to make billions so obviously they promote the capitalist line that greed is good and markets are next to Godliness. At the moment, there are signs that people are starting to think that the GFC is nearing its end and the Wall Street casinos are about the burst into life again to make the life of billionaires even more rosy.

It has been my fear for a long time that the word ‘democracy’ in Australia, as in America, is used to con us, to lull us into a false sense of security, to have us believe we are running our own country when the fact is that billionaires and bought politicians are running the show and we are but pawns in their game, a game whereby they reap immense profits and we, the peasants, do the work and struggle to make ends meet.

Friends, if you look at who has the money, you will see who is running the game. We do live in an oligarchy run by capitalist billionaires and we have have almost no power and no control over our country or its politicians.

This is not the way things have to be, it’s the way things have been made. A handful of people live lives of unimaginable luxury while most struggle.

How much longer will we allow this giant, grossly unfair con to continue?

Your feedback would be greatly appreciated.


Maria kramers
Mar 15, 2012 at 6:22 am

This is exactly the very scary thing: socialism and communism haven’t changed the world that much. Most workers are still on low wages and the capitalists under whatever name still rule the world with the power of money.
It still are the capitalists that run the world at the costs of the ordinary worker.
They start wars as their capital is earned by the hard working masses that still work on low wages, and wars are so lucrative!!
We need a new revolution like Marx and Engels started off!


Mar 15, 2012 at 9:08 am

Yes, D/democracy is an illusion!
You are on to the core of the problem, David. It is a rigged game. The trick is to educate people to recognize and see through the illusion to what it really is. Used like a tactic of war to subdue the masses into thinking that “someone” is taking care of the problem and nothing could be less truthful.

No one is looking out for the people except how to best sneak past them like a robber in the night.


Mar 15, 2012 at 10:43 am

Plutocracy – A political system governed by the wealthy people

Oligarchy – A political system governed by a few people

If science were as unimaginative as politics we’d still be 358 degrees shy of inventing the wheel. Yawn..




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