Australia is Becoming America’s Bitch!

Posted by Dennis M. on Mar 29, 2012 in Posts Views:2028;|


The Australian Government, without discussion with Australian citizens, has decided to seriously consider allowing the Yanks to use our Cocos Islands to become a drone and surveillance base.

This decision immediately says to China, our major trading partner, that we are an adjunct of the American Armed Forces, that we a happy to become involved in America’s containment policy which is aimed at restricting China’s growth.

It also says loudly that we condone America’s imperialism and its attempt to dominate the world using its huge Army and its 1000+ military bases and its flotillas of warships and squadrons of warplanes which patrol the oceans and skies of the world.

Why is the Australian Government fixated on becoming America’s Bitch?

Given our geographical location we should be concentrating on being good friends all of our neighbours. We should be loudly professing our neutrality, not supporting the world’s biggest warmonger which is happily killing people all over the world as well as pulling discordant strings in many, many countries.

Why are our politicians so dumb, so craven, so blind?

Blind Freddie can see what the future is going to hold given the imperialism of the U.S. and Britain and the determination of China not to be manipulated and ‘contained’! And why should it? Who gave the Yanks the right to attempt to control the world for their own benefit? I wasn’t asked whether I agreed and neither were you.

The conflicting ambitions can only have one outcome: a nuclear war, one which will destroy the world. The Yanks are too dumb to see that. It would be a Pyrrhic victory to control a world that was uninhabitable surely. Mutually Assured Destruction (MAD) is only feasible in the minds of madmen!

Citizens of Australia and the world, we must unite to stop the Yanks. They must be thrown off the soil of every sovereign country in the world, sent packing back to where they came from. They are endangering the world as well as destroying any chance of achieving world peace.

Armies and bombs don’t achieve peace. They prevent peace and create only hatred and death.

Wake up, Australians. Your politicians are selling you short. They are numbskulls and fools. They can’t connect the dots. They don’t know what independence means! They are too used to tugging the forelock and kissing bums!

Contact your local member today. Voice your opposition to Australia’s servility to the U.S. Demand that Australia becomes neutral before we are sucked further into the evil vortex that is American Imperialism!



Your feedback would be greatly appreciated.


Mar 29, 2012 at 11:44 am

The American government’s answer to everything is violence. If you don’t believe every lie they tell you, they go postal on you. Postal= when a mild mannered letter carrier brings his oozy to work for show and tell, and carnage, then for no apparent reason goes ballistic. Ballistic= either an intercontinental missile, or a total loss of ones faculties. If your lucky they’ll only go Charlie Manson on you. Charlie Manson= an American folk hero who saw through the thin Vail of the establishment’s wicked way’s, and decided to kill a bunch of people because of it. But the American government has all it’s bases covered. If all else fails, they’ve got enough nuclear weaponry to completely nucleate all life on the planet 800 times over. They’ve also spent billions of dollars to build underground cities for the government elite to continue their continuity. The average family gets to fend for themselves until the radiation poisoning kicks in. Now, there are a bunch of blowhards, liars, cheats, common criminals, queers, pedophiles, and just plain smelly old men, confined to an underground prison with nobody to rule over but themselves. Talk about your Karma.


Dennis M
Mar 29, 2012 at 12:00 pm

Very clever, Joe! And very true!


Mar 30, 2012 at 2:13 am

I have nothing but contempt for most people in Australia. They’re a bunch of ignorant, easily fooled, insular, incredibly selfish, deluded, money-hungry, narcissists who believe in white western exceptionalism. Our military could be dropping bombs on kindegartens around the world and they wouldn’t give a shit so as long as the government was giving them a handout they didn’t need and there was plenty of junk television to keep them amused.

Fuck those people.

They probably can’t be reasoned with either. Not that would be even possible in the first place- how do you expose them to alternate ideas when 90% of the media is corporate owned and spewing the same pro-war, pro-US, pro-corporate message?

For the moment, the US has won. It’s created a reliable mini-America in the pacific who’s resources it can extract at will in order to maintain it’s economic and military hegemony. Obviously the propaganda designed to justify their presence in OUR country began last week with the cobblers about North Korea. Gillard was all too happy to jump on board and help sell it to us. I wonder what cosy job she has been promised in America once she gets shitcanned from the top job? what an awful person she is.

But as I write this my disgust and anger with it all eases somewhat as I recall the sentiment of the late, great Chalmers Johnson that it is inevitable that empire comes to end. Renewal is a cosmic law that nobody can out-run. Your time is approaching, America. Let’s just hope it happens before you can instigate WWIII with China.

After reading an article from Hugh White, an establishment pro-American hack if ever there was one, questioning the wisdom of this regional build-up, I’m somewhat hopeful that the public might still be convinced that America is not a country we want to be involved with.The inevitable crime and environmental degradation that American forces will bring with them should help with that too.


Mar 30, 2012 at 3:57 am

Yep! And the US is an Israeli vassal. We are Israel’s bitch!
Obama has a foreign policy adviser that is….shall we say….pro-israeli! So we can see what direction we’re all heading.

funny how people who comprise 2% of the worlds population can be in control of the other 98% interest.


Mar 30, 2012 at 9:23 am

Shocking turn of events, David! You said it, “Given our geographical location we should be concentrating on being good friends all of our neighbours.”
Your leaders are part of an international cabal that probably cares nothing for Australia save for the money they will make out of her. That’s what they do in America. It is a beautiful country here that has been trashed by these same Internationals. They do all they do in “our” names too! They are extremely bold!

Raising awareness seems the best we can do at this time!


Mar 30, 2012 at 2:56 pm

Well the HYKSOS are at it again. Israel has decided to initiate the “FINAL SOLUTION”. More tanks enter into Gaza for another round of genocide. Perhaps the last.

I can just hear Netanyahu wailing! WAHHHHhhhhh….they threw stick at us and called us names. We HAVE to protect ourselves.


mr cat
Mar 30, 2012 at 7:26 pm

I also disagree with this increased U.S presence on Australian soil and will make my objection known to all my local MP’s!.

I read today that already a Chinese think tank has proposed that retaliatory action against Australia by way of voicing their disapproval, would be to decrease business and trade with Australia and simply go elsewhere in the world!.
Can you imagine the screams and grovelling the politicians would then exhibit, especially if China were to articulate clearly why they were withdrawing from Australian trade out of protest and legitimate censure?.

Its remarkable that a persistant ‘catch cry’ by yanks and their lackeys revolves around some implicit ‘threat’ from China’s military replacement of clapped out 1950’s and ’60’s level equipment with more modern technology which by definition is more effective.
Then there is the equally specious claim that ” we want to understand China’s long term aims’ as if this supposed unknown warrants an aggressive counter by the American empire.
Well the truth is that we’ve known for years just what China thinks and the role it sees for itself, the problem is that mischief makers in the U.S and elsewhere are deliberately being ‘deaf’ and forgetful.
I’m sure you can guess why!.

Finally, to counter the specious argument that we need the yanks to defend us (Bob Carr’s ‘Lateline’ argument last week), I point out what self respecting nations actually subcontracts its national defence out to another country?.
Can you imagine the British contracting the Turks to defend the Falklands for instance?.
Anyway Australia could easily become ‘independent’ in its defence and foreign policy as for decades the defence crowd fixates on traditional platforms in small numbers and of limited ability as it tries to ‘show off’.
Don’t believe the yank lackeys in our midst when they say we’d have to introduce conscription and double the defence budget.
We could be independent and have a potent deterrent by logical alternatives and at lower cost than today which is structured for alignment with the expensive aggressive American way of war and ‘defence’.
Some simple ideas;
Convert civil container ships (the world is full of them) into
aircraft carriers or battlecruisers using shipping containerised cruise missiles etc for the latter and metal cladding and a retractable ski jump for the former.
Then operate the carriers as ‘STOBAR’ types which stands for short take off but arrested landing with deck wires etc.
I hear the spiffing Russian Mig-29K will outfly the naval F-35 (cancel that $20,000 million waste) and when the Sukhoi T-50 Pak-fa is navalised for the Russian carrier, well I’m sure you can see the rest.
30 years ago after the Falklands war, the British worked out how to convert container ships into ‘harrier carriers’ in less than a week and at very low cost (called SCADS).
Still a good idea and viable today.
Imagine the RAN with 10 aircraft carriers operating Mig-29K or T-50’s eventually, and then tell us we couldn’t defend ourselves (or convert then to hospital ships in a crisis as is now put about by U.S aircraft carrier lackeys).
Thanks for your interest

Mr Cat


Apr 3, 2012 at 12:31 am

Rupert Mudroch the mouthpiece of the war mongerers is a born citizen of Australia
Australia joined the british and the US in both world wars and they still celebrate Anzecs day somewhere in April
Ausiies are still british by heart killed aborigines for sport what else will you expect


alex lemas
Apr 3, 2012 at 12:15 pm

You people are about as dumb as a bag of hammers. We got you to turn yourselves into a mini-USA. Sports obsessed, drunk, drugged up, while we play you for a bunch of dim witted cannon fodder. We’ve got a bunch of sociopaths in charge of us, welcome to the party.




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