Why Are Americans So Paranoid?

Posted by Dennis M. on Dec 6, 2011 in Posts Views:5115;|

Does every American fear this?


Or this?


It has always seemed an incredible irony to me that the nation that has the biggest Armed Forces by far appears to be afraid of many other nations or groups of nations.

Why would America be afraid of China, for instance? China hasn’t even got an aircraft carrier yet. Many of its people still live in poverty although that is changing rapidly.

Why does Russia still spook the U.S.? It is a shadow of its former self although it is stronger now than when the Cold War ended.

America is obviously scared of the potential power of Muslim Nations especially if they unite. They would form a powerful bloc against the ‘Christian’ Nations of the West (I use the word ‘Christian’ very loosely given the love of killing which is a hallmark of the West).

Then there is India. The U.S. is aware of the potential power of India and is pulling out all stops to pull the slumbering giant to its side of the world power equation. Just what India will do depends a bit on what China does and what happens in the rest of  south-east Asia.

The question can be asked of course whether the U.S. is actually ‘afraid’ of other nations and groups of nations or whether it just claims to be afraid so it can continue with its imperialism and its grab for scarce resources.

One reason that it could be genuinely ‘afraid’ is because of its relatively small population. China has 1.4 billion which is almost five times that of the U.S. If India is added in to the mix plus the Muslim Nations then the U.S. with only 6% of the world’s population is a relative dwarf.

Yet still it continues on in its quest for global domination and seems undaunted by its severe financial problems or the fact that it is grossly over-stretched.

Perhaps its paranoia has to do with the fact that the U.S. is a relatively new nation. It’s forefathers came from Europe and they ventured into a hostile environment on the other side of the world and had to jostle for power against France and Britain. Then they had the Native Indians to contend with which they did via genocide. Then there was Mexico.

Perhaps this beginning created insecurity, insecurity which is ingrained in the American psyche.

Now I realize that some of you are laughing at the idea of any American being insecure. They are the most full-of-themselves people I have ever met (present company excluded of course)..

But perhaps it is all a show. Perhaps they fear the other 94% of the world’s people, even if it includes some of their friends. It seems that America trusts no one and is scared of everyone, even its own shadow.

If this is true, then no matter how militarily dominant the U.S. becomes, it will never lose its fear of some nation eventually taking its power and wealth. And if we take the example of Israel (which is also a paranoid nation albeit a smaller one), any nation filled with fear is not likely to make wise decisions or choose the best friends or seek peace. It is more likely to employ militarism, something which permeates the thinking of both  the U.S. and Israel.

Such nations are more likely to resort to dropping nukes should their paranoia overflow.

This is the major worry for the world. I do not see any remedy for it!


Your feedback would be greatly appreciated.


Dec 6, 2011 at 2:14 pm

According to Gore Vidal, the reach for Imperialism began with the Spanish-American War. Not content with the lot of land we had and reaching for more..ahem World Domination, The Phillipines came just after that. We overextend so much that the Korean War and the massacres is better known as The Forgotten War. Now we are like a crazy-train off the rails! Paranoia will destroy ya. Like a bad zombie movie – everybody is coming to collect – but we MUST stay strong!


Dec 6, 2011 at 4:36 pm

They are afraid because they are,in the main,ill educated,& like all moronic bullies,their main underlying emotion is fear….fear that they will be found out for what they are and eventually be overwhelmed. Maybe we’ll get lucky and they’ll destroy themselves from within,because their whole system is rotten to the core,and their country is polluted beyond belief.
They also,sort of,know how much they are despised worldwide,and this creates a collective malaise.
Because of their stupidity,I doubt if their nuclear ballistic systems would even work properly,and they probably fear self immolation. Otherwise,I’m pretty sure they would have used them by now. They also fear the universal condemnation they’d receive for such an atrocity.
I think the use of a nuclear weapon would be automatically regarded as a genocidal war crime.
And,on a personal note,I’ve always found that the best way to deal with bullies is to ridicule them. And don’t you find Americans are the most ridiculous fools on the planet? I mean,55% of the nitwits firmly believe in ‘creationism’;what a bunch of regressive eejits!


Dec 6, 2011 at 8:36 pm

“,their main underlying emotion is fear….fear that they will be found out for what they are and eventually be overwhelmed. ”

Emperor Palpatine said it best in Star Wars: Revenge Of The Sith: “Remember your early teachings, Anakin; all who gain power are afraid to lose it”…


Dennis M
Dec 6, 2011 at 10:25 pm

Grace, MiKi and Jeff, all of you have identified what America’s multiple problems are. Unfortunately their problems become the world’s problems.

Paranoid, primitive, greedy oppressors seems to describe them best!


Dec 6, 2011 at 11:19 pm

Primitive too! Once California was conquered, landwise there was no where else to go except out into the Pacific. That and wrestling with the Spaniards for the title of World Dominator, it seems the promise of the promised land was always like a golden carrot .. held just out of reach.


Dec 7, 2011 at 7:53 am

Thinking of topic question, the forth reich comes to mind.

Can recommend link below as informative viewing:

Tarek Fatah Talk at ideacity 2011 – http://livestre.am/Pfu4


Dec 7, 2011 at 7:50 pm

Far from being paranoid, people in my circle of friends are not brainwashed. Everyone I know understands that “Al Queda is a CIA invention and doesn’t exist; that the ‘war on terror’ is actually the war OF terror’ that the US government is the biggest terrorist of all and all at the behest of its master Israel; that 911 was an inside job carried out by Israel, for Israel.

I’m afraid I don’t associate with the jello-heads whom you refer to as being “Americans” or “America”. I’m sure there are plenty of them, I just don’t know any. I’d have to say I don’t want to either.

But if you’re referring to the propaganda press, (TV, Radio, Newspaper) the media which hypes these non-existent ‘threats’ then, yes the controlled media is the mouthpiece of the government. But I’m not in a circle of people who feed on that pablum. I turned off the TV about 2 decades ago. Haven’t missed anything.

You solve problems by attacking the source of the problems. the source of the US aggression is unequivocally agitated by ISRAEL. The source of the world-wide financial collapses is the Rothschild banking cabal. These are 2 sources which must be dealt with before expecting to make ANY gains toward peace.


Dennis M
Dec 7, 2011 at 9:25 pm

I think the underlying source of all the world’s problems is is mankind. If humans just ‘disappeared’ the world would get along just fine and so would all the other species.

We are the problem!


mark Reply:

your attitude can be traced to the anti-humanism of Malthus in the 18th century. He thought the world was over populated then…with a half-billion people. His self-loathing anti-humanist philosophy has been passed on and wholeheartedly adopted by the environmental movement whose propaganda has responded inversely to the Christian dominion paradigm. Instead of the earth and its resources been ours for the taking, humans are seen by environmentalists as a scourge upon the earth (a virus, to quote The Matrix). Both worldviews are erroneous products of the human ego’s propensity to see itself in a separate and exceptional light, as we are an inextricable product and part of all natural processes and cannot be placed either above or below the natural world. We are nature, like it or not.


Dec 7, 2011 at 11:05 pm

Oh, agreed David. We are most certainly the problem on the planet. We’re a parasite. We just happen to be the most dangerous.

But in terms of this ‘paranoia’ supposedly being manifested by ‘Americans’ I don’t find that as true as the mouthpiece media (worldwide) would have people believe. Heck, the shopping malls will attest to that. Here in the states, we’re preparing for our annual feast of materialism and no amount of bugga-bugga will halt that. The govt and the people here are completely separate entities. Neither seems remotely interested in the other, but especially the former in the latter. .

But surprise! World governments will declare financial collapse after the ‘holidays’. Won’t that put a damper on the ‘after-christmas’ shopping??


Dennis M
Dec 7, 2011 at 11:20 pm

Surely not a dampener on the ‘after-Xmas shopping!’ Not that! Life is cruel enough without that catastrophe, surely, Amerika!

I hope the American people and their Government can have a love-in before Xmas so that the after-Xmas event can take place and folks can shop till they drop. I mean, what else is life about?


Dec 8, 2011 at 2:03 pm

In 1947, the Truman administration signed a document declaring that from then on, America’s economy would be based on war, in other words, killing and exploitation, and every propaganda tool possible is used to keep the American people in fear and desirous of ‘hitting’ other countries so that their people or governments will not ‘hit’ us.

I tried to make mention of this Document to a local leader of the Occupy Movement, proud to be a veteran of one of the Bush’s wars, and he quickly turned away from me, probably because he did not want to hear and deal with this info. I wish I could count on a second revolution, to save us from war and misery, but I do not.


Dec 8, 2011 at 9:57 pm

Amerikagulag you are so right! Where I live there are very few that are not brainwashed by the constant BS and nonsence of the MSM. So…… I have very few Friends. It really pisses me off to hear people say our troops are fighting for our (freedoms). That is the last thing they may be fighting for. How can they be so dense? If one were to actually investigate the issue one would understand the creation of Israel was and is a farce. Sorry to step on anyones toes, but how many have read the Balfour Declaration with which the creation of Israel was founded. This is a big reason the pro-Israeli lobby is so strong. With out it too many would understand World affairs. And what about the crime in many EU countries of Holocaust denial being a jailable offence. What are they afraid of? Peace, Joy,and Happiness to All-


Dec 9, 2011 at 8:38 am

americans are afraid, because of guilt. they claim to be the best people in the world, they self-aggrandize themselves in their history books and on history they elevate themselves to the hilt, so much so that they see themselves as Olympian gods.

But, behind this veil of conceitedness, they know they have a long history of genocide. The Americans fear the boogey-man or rather the ghost in the closet, because they have a lot of innocent blood on their hands. And, the effect of it may be accumulative on every new generation that is borne of this true heritage.

The one God knows best. But, the fear is real, however it is not what the people are told it to be. I think the only cure is the reversal of this genocidal trend and it will not come to cleanse the way easily. But, furthermore, I am afraid the day Americans come to this realization, they may no longer have anything to cleanse the way with.

You have to give when you can, for whence you are a pauper ….

And, the day of reckoning for America is approaching fast.

Consider that the U.S.A. has not won a single war since Vietnam and the GOP candidates are flying high on Hollywood delusion and media lies that they are the most powerful and that the reason they have not squashed Iran is only due to a lack of will (on somebody’s part) …


Dennis M
Dec 11, 2011 at 1:04 am

Great comment, Zorro. ‘Flying high on Hollywood delusion and media lies’ is the truth and has been for a long, long time!


Dec 13, 2011 at 12:06 am

They lose to countrys without militarys,they could never deal with Russia or China and if Iran or Pakistan is attacked they may get there final blow.It sad me being a Canadian and nowing Americans most are blind to the real terrorists and treaten and attack countrys that in no way were a threat.The American constitution only allow war if America faces and immenant threat,not one they belive may be in many years.In Canada since WW2 we have been peace keepers untill the fauls falg on 9/11 happened.Are priminister said an attack on Israel is an attack on Canada well I’ve been here since birth and don’t no any Canadian that agrees with that.Canada is much more free than America but that could change.But I think Canadians would not stand by well it happens.Many are sick of things already done let along throughing away your constitution and the peoples rights that go with it.


Jan 1, 2012 at 5:48 am

The USA has always been paranoid and for good reason. Just look back at its entire history and you can see why. It basically stems from bullying others and even stealing their marbles in the process. Inevitably, anyone with this type of comportment will develop a tendency to look over their shoulders.
Any individual or country will show signs of paranoia if throughout their existence, they have continuously attempted to control others in a confrontational, arrogant, and threatening manner.
It is interesting to note that when there was no one else to bully around for a short while, they instilled a sense of paranoia, basically mind control, on their own population and even turned on their own citizens. One small example here: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hollywood_blacklist.
I am always amazed and dumbfounded on how many citizens of the USA don’t even see it happening to them.




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