Who Is The World’s Ugliest Man?

Ugliness, like beauty, is in the eye of the beholder. Ugliness can refer to the physical attributes of a human being or their spiritual attributes.

Few would argue that Stalin, Mao, Pol Pot and Hitler were extremely ugly human beings. But what about George W Bush, the ‘WMD’ man and his successor, Barack Obama, the ‘change we can believe in’ man!

As America goes about its plans to achieve global domination, there are ever more concerning things happening within the States. According to ICH this morning, “The Senate is going to vote on whether Congress will give this president—and every future president — the power to order the military to pick up and imprison without charge or trial civilians anywhere in the world.”

So not only will Obama have ‘assassination squads’ but the American military, who, like noxious weeds, infest nearly every nation in the world, will do his bidding as well.  You can use your imagination as to what this means for every person living on this earth.

Who do these Americans think they are? What gives them the right to impose their dictatorship upon the rest of the world? Have they got too big for their cowboy boots? Have they become the most dangerous people in the world? How much longer will the world put up with their brutality and war crimes?

The top two photographs may be of men who would not win any ‘handsome man’ competition but perhaps they are decent, beautiful human beings who would never knowingly hurt anyone!

So who is the world’s most ‘ugly’ man in your opinion?

All submissions welcome!


19 thoughts on “Who Is The World’s Ugliest Man?

  1. Hard to disagree with author.

    If in ant doubt which war industry is profiting most?

    World Military Spending – http://www.globalissues.org/article/75/world-military-spending

    Wider search shows above link information to be sound – https://duckduckgo.com/?q=World+Military+Spending

    Oppression and lies are ‘emotional intensity’ akin to 1984 as handbook. By definition we global citizens are under violent attach, as is our offspring’s collective future.

    Violent – Acting with or marked by or resulting from great force or energy or emotional intensity


  2. Good commentary David. I agree with you that Gobomber IS a very ugly human being. He promised “hope and change” but just gave more of the same old crap. More wars, more deaths, more poverty, and less freedoms for all of us.
    America, what a country.


  3. I watched him as he strutted about, Charlie, acting like he was some kind of exalted rock star! And I watched while the minions doted on his every word, his practiced smile, his devious words.

    America is a country that is based on deception. Hollywood has infiltrated its every nook and cranny, filled it with smoke and mirrors, with illusions.

    I keep waiting for real Americans to emerge. Perhaps they’ve gone the way of the Native Indians!


  4. Everybody call your Senator today! This bill just appeared on their desks just a day or so ago and they have to decide on this Bill that would imprison people based on the word of somebody and the person could be arrested and detained for an unlimited amount of time with no evidence of any criminal activity. Just for being a “subversive.” Just as the Japanese Americans were seized, their property seized – never to be returned to them again! People, this shiz is real if we don’t stop it! This is about, “thought crimes.” Don’t tell me how you don’t have to worry about that… I have seen how it works. The Govt. is Ready for this!

    (202) 224-3121 is the number to call and find out who your Senator is – or the Senator you want to voice your opinion to. Tell them you are against the Bill that would detain citizens/ subversives indefinitely!!

    Thank you David for shining a light on this! 1984 is here.


  5. Obama is an ugly man. If I were to judge a man based on his works. I would take a handicapped person with a heart of gold anyday over the ugliness trying to invade our very lives.


  6. The worldwide indefinite detention without charge or trial provision is in S. 1867, the National Defense Authorization Act bill, which will be on the Senate floor on Monday. The bill was drafted in secret by Sens. Carl Levin (D-Mich.) and John McCain (R-Ariz.) and passed in a closed-door committee meeting, without even a single hearing.


  7. There are quite a few candidates…here in the UK the enitire front bench of the government are neo-con millionaires,propped up by LibDem poodles,hell bent on creating neo- mediaevalism. You should’ve heard the chancellor’s Autumn Statement: a wholesale attack on public services,the raising of the retirement age to 67,and a massive taxing of the poorest.
    Why the Brits aren’t rioting,I don’t know. Perhaps tomorrow,when ther’s the biggest national strike in living memory.
    What’s going on here is almost unbelievable,and we’ve long been the 51st. state of the USA. Yankee snatch squads are nothing new here. It’s just that you never hear it reported. Also,the Brit ‘government’ will hand over anyone who their Yankee masters deem fit for rendition.

    By the way,Obama is a dead ringer for Alfred E. Newman from the old ‘Mad’ magazine.


  8. Thanks for your comments, friends. Others will read them and know that people in the world are angry, that they care about the state the world is in, that they want to make things better, that they want to get rid of the psychos that are leading us.

    Together, we will make a difference!


  9. How the US govt thinks of it’s own people seems evidence enough on its own suggest topic is bang on.

    Senators Demand the Military Lock Up of American Citizens in a “Battlefield” They Define as Being Right Outside Your Window

    While nearly all Americans head to family and friends to celebrate Thanksgiving, the Senate is gearing up for a vote on Monday or Tuesday that goes to the very heart of who we are as Americans. The Senate will be voting on a bill that will direct American military resources not at an enemy shooting at our military in a war zone, but at American citizens and other civilians far from any battlefield — even people in the United States itself.’



  10. Yeah, I mentioned this a couple of days ago, Gryph. America has begun its task of putting its citizens in a straightjacket no matter where they live.

    Big Brother is here, bigtime! If they don’t assassinate you, they’ll disappear you, render you, put you in a cage, skin you alive…they are very inventive.


  11. Yesterday (Nov.29th.),the Yankee senate passed this legislation and tossed out a restraining amendment to it. What an idiot country.
    They’ve already got their ‘Patriot’ Acts 1&2,they use extraordinary rendition (snatch squads);now they’ve got even MORE legalized brutality to terrorize their own.
    And still the huddled,befuddled masses believe in their American Dreamland.
    Truly, a thoroughly brainwashed & semi-comatose nation.
    And the rest of us are not much better. We’ve allowed the unfettered right- wing propaganda,banksters,and dumbed down meejah to run riot for decades,and now we are being led into the abyss.


  12. I know many people who aren’t attractive physically, but are spiritual magnets. Ugly is as ugly does not as ugly looks.

    Yes, the Israeli controlled US senate has approved the detention of US citizens without charge and indefinitely. Welcome to US GAZA! Next stop CANADA!


  13. The first guy, hands down. A little on the head, hmm? Rhetorical. Way to heavyhandedly try to be clever. I don’t like him either, but Christ. I laughed out loud.


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