Happy New Year: But Spare A Thought For Our Planet!

Posted by Dennis M. on Dec 31, 2010 in Posts

Friends, as you enjoy your New Year’s celebrations,  take a minute or two to reflect upon our earthly home or what’s left of it!

Our planet is groaning under the load of 6.8 billion destructive human beings who, in many ways, are reducing it to the level of a garbage dump.

Human ‘civilization’ is poisoning the soil, the water and the air we breathe. Factories the world over are discharging all manner of pollutants from chimneys and drains. Some of them are toxic.

Cars leave a trail of destruction behind them wherever they go while, in the cars, for good measure, all manner of carcinogens swirl around the occupants who don’t notice because they are listening to their fancy sound systems.

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What Will 2011 Bring?

Posted by Dennis M. on Dec 29, 2010 in Posts

New Year fireworks! Note the nuclear fireball overtones.

“Who brought us to this point? Who are the bastards that have turned our world into an endless war zone? Who are the deranged folk who made the hideous weapons called nukes and organized delivery systems that can reach anywhere in the world? Who has carefully indoctrinated us to accept that war is inevitable, that we must kill or be killed, that we must have Superpowers?

Who turned the MSM into a branch of the Government, one that helps it to spread its propaganda? Who is making money out of perpetual war while living the lifestyle of billionaires? Who is bribing our politicians to forget us? Who is allowing Corporations to control the world?

Answer these questions and you know who we have to bring down before nuclear war becomes a reality. We have to take control, march into their mansions and into their boardrooms and Ministerial Conference rooms and drag them out into the street and give them what they deserve. Then we need to start again: new Constitution that suits the year 2011, no President, no State Department, no Pentagon, no lobbyists, no huge Corporations, no capitalism, and no armed forces.

Our choice is clear: either we act or we humans become extinct. You choose!”

Friends, as we approach the end of 2010, questions must be asked about the coming year and what it might hold for the man in the street. The comment written above was written by an irate contributor on ICH (me) and seems pertinent to this topic. I have regained my rational state again so don’t be worried.

I guess I’m not a clairvoyant but it’s difficult to see that we are going to enter a new Golden Age of Enlightenment and Peace next year.

Let’s face it, our history over ten millenia shows no Golden Age of Enlightenment and Peace, just a succession of bloody wars and crippling plagues and famines and a constant struggle for survival.

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U.S. Infected By Mysterious, Mind-numbing Malady!

Posted by Dennis M. on Dec 28, 2010 in Posts

Hopping Bear?

Friends, I may be the first person in the world to have noticed this but it is obvious to me that a great calamity has befallen the U.S., the former leader of the Free World and Ex-Champion of Democracy.

It may have been those pesky Russians who released a virus but I believe it’s more likely that it arose from a cursed potion that the Red Indians created while, long ago, they were being slaughtered by the white, Christian invaders from Europe.

Powerless against the guns the bloodthirsty hordes brought with them, perhaps the Sioux or the Cheyenne asked their most powerful medicine man to create a sickness that would render the white man brainless, impotent, a joke.

So, Hopping Bear (or an equivalent), went deep into the forest and gathered some magic herbs and some poisonous roots. Deep in the recesses of his smoke-filled wigwam, he worked hard and prayed to the Great Spirit for guidance and help.

After several days, he eventually created a black potion that was applied to the heads of some white prisoners who were then released and given safe passage back to their evil kind. “This will be heap bad medicine for the men who have white skins and black spirits,” Hopping Bear promised. “It will make them crazy like grasshopper and fat like slug!”

A few days later, the army came in and killed every man, woman and child in the tribe. Hopping Bear died slowly from a sword wound but he had a smile on his lips which  mystified the troops.

But, unfortunately for the Indians, the potion was slow-acting and it took several centuries for it to take effect on the white population at large.

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Israel Says Killing of Three Girls ‘Reasonable’!

Posted by Dennis M. on Dec 27, 2010 in Posts

This is the Gazan gynecologist whose 3 daughters were blown to pieces by the IDF.


These are some of the 400+ Gazan kids slaughtered by the IDF three Xmases ago!



Friends, Al Jazeera today revealed that Israel has found the killing of a doctor’s 3 daughters ‘reasonable’.

The incident, which occurred during the genocide carried out on Gaza three Xmases ago when 1,400+ Gazans were almost bombed and shelled into oblivion, was explained away by the world’s most moral army (surely the most offensive and fraudulent description of what is nothing more than an army of immoral, fanatical butchers).

According to Al Jazeera, the IDF said on Wednesday that an inquiry into the January 16 incident found that troops fired two shells at the doctor’s home after fighters fired from the area. The report said soldiers came under fire from a building close to Abu al-Aish’s, and then ”suspicious figures were identified in the upper level of Dr Abu al-Aish’s house and were thought to be spotters who directed the Hamas sniper and mortar fire”.

The report said soldiers stopped firing after hearing screams from the shelled building. Real humanitarians eh, much like the one who ran over Rachel Corrie with a bulldozer.

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No Condemnation Of War By Clerics!

Posted by Dennis M. on Dec 26, 2010 in Posts

“I pray for peace, but I don’t condemn war! Crazy, eh? Ha, ha, ha!”

Friends, as Xmas Day unfolded, I heard various leaders of various Churches give their Xmas Messages.

As usual, they, like a Xmas stocking, were over-filled with theo-babble and gooey mention of heavenly love and life everlasting, blah, blah!

Later on, as the time differences allowed, I saw on the news the Pope’s ‘urbi et orbi’ message. Held in the opulent Church in Rome it was filled with solemnity and pomp and cries for peace.

But from what I could make out, there was no condemnation of war by any of the lavishly robed clerics. Not one! And I would guess that no Muslim pontiff or Jewish pontiff or Hindu cleric, etc, condemned war either.

That’s a strange thing, isn’t it? When it comes to war, clerics pray for the safety of troops from their country or for victory but they don’t universally condemn all war and the leaders of nations which promote it.

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Best Wishes To Everyone For Xmas!

Posted by Dennis M. on Dec 22, 2010 in Posts

Hopefully a scene similar to this one awaits you on Xmas Day.

I hope the holiday will be filled with love, joy, peace and play.

I send my fondest regards and thanks for your wise repartee.

You have all made the world a better place, especially for me.



Doomed From The Beginning!

Posted by Dennis M. on Dec 20, 2010 in Posts

This eventually leads to…

This, which leads to…

This, which leads to…




Ever wonder why the world is such a mess, why it hovers on the edge of extinction? The photographs above give us seekers of truth some hints.

Humans, even in their early infancy, exhibit strong traits such as extreme selfishness (I want) and violence. Individually or collectively, they will bully or tease a smaller child mercilessly, seemingly enjoying the power that being bigger or stronger brings. They are often spiteful and cruel will tell huge lies to avoid punishment.

Of course, so-called adults exhibit exactly the same behavior except they fight over bigger toys, toys like nuclear weapons and intercontinental missiles and scarce resources.

The truth is that ‘adults’ are just children wearing suits and frocks. The behavior exhibited in the kindergarten is found in every workplace, every branch of Government, every boardroom. Adults just use different methods to achieve their aims.

Backstabbing, spreading rumors and lies, using sexual enticements or brown-nosing to achieve a promotion, etc, all are part of the individual adult armory for achieving power and status and wealth.

Nations create huge armies and sometimes form groups so they can bully and control smaller nations. Nations create hideous weapons like nukes so they can be ‘bigger’ and ‘stronger’ than their competitors, nations like the U.S. One day these weapons will be used.

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Are Americans Digging Their Own Graves?

Posted by Dennis M. on Dec 19, 2010 in Posts

This photograph has many facets. It may well prove to be prophetic.




America Desperately Needs Real Leadership!

Posted by Dennis M. on Dec 18, 2010 in Posts

This man was an extraordinary leader!

Friends, America has become a lost cause. Part of the reason is that it has no real leadership. It is being led by a cabal of oligarchs whose only interest is self-interest.

Yeah, the White House, the State Department, the Pentagon, the Congress and the Senate are filled with dubious, corrupt people who have personal agendas which mainly focus on acquiring more wealth and more power and living the life of the idle rich.

Obama, as a leader, is a total failure. His promise was big but his capacity to achieve it was limited (a bit like Julia Gillard). He flops around like a corpse in a breeze while the Congress, which now thinks it is the Central Government of the World, passes resolutions like the one which attempts to stop the Governments of other Nations recognizing the existence of a Palestinian State.

So what is America to do? Well, one thing that could happen is the emergence of a real leader perhaps of the stature of Gandhi. As you  might know, Gandhi was born during the time of the British Empire. His country, India, was occupied by the British and they were doing what all empires do: milking the countries they occupy dry.

He studied law then he stood up as a leader but a non-violent one. He believed that being passive was the best way to get rid of the British, kind of shame them into leaving. Of course, in America, being passive is the last way that American citizens would consider dealing with occupiers. They believe in the justice of the six gun or its modern equivalent.

So Gandhi threw away the suit and wore simple robes which he spun himself. He lived a Spartan existence and slept on a simple bed. He ate simply and despised ostentation of any kind. Could you imagine any American politician doing that? The White House is the equivalent of a palace!

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U.S. Achievements in Afghanistan.

Posted by Dennis M. on Dec 17, 2010 in Posts

They came…

They saw…


They conquered!


Anyone who thinks that war is grand or noble

or honorable has never seen it!



U.S. Achievements In Iraq!

Posted by Dennis M. on Dec 16, 2010 in Posts

This is what depleted uranium, used by the U.S., does to innocent Iraqi children!


This is the reaction of one Iraqi to being saved by the U.S.!


These Iraqi men can’t believe their luck that the U.S. came to save them!


If the U.S. wants to save your country, the best

thing to say is, “Many thanks, but no thanks!”



ICC Makes War A Crime

Posted by Dennis M. on Dec 16, 2010 in Posts

War criminal like Bush, Obama, Blair, Howard, Netanyahu, etc,

should end up here!

Friends, Al Jazeera this morning had a little item that, to me, seemed to have very big import.

The article stated that the International Criminal Court (ICC) had passed a resolution that made waging war a crime. Yes, you read it right, waging war is to be considered by the ICC, a crime!

According to Al Jazeera, “ the resolution, which was carried by the 111 member states of the ICC (State Parties), in effect, criminalises the use of force (for example: blockades, invasions, bombardments) against another country in violation of the Charter of the United Nations; giving the Court the power to try future political and military leaders who plan, prepare, initiate or execute illegal wars, and to hold them (individually) criminally responsible for the commission of this new, and long-overdue, international crime.”

Of course, as you would guess, the five permanent members of the Security Council are not happy with this resolution because they ( the UK, US, Russia, China and France) want to maintain their exclusive veto control over who can decide when war is allowable.

And, of course, there are nations who are not a state party (or member) of the ICC and guess who they are: Russia, China, US, Israel, Iran are a few who are yet to become states parties.

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